Friday, June 2, 2017

Wind and Kites Theme

Wind and Kites Theme

Talk about wind? – What does wind feel like? Blow softly on your arm. What sort of things move with wind? Trees, balloons, kites etc. Let’s read a couple of stories all about kites and wind today!

READ: Books

Windblown By Edouard Manceau
Kite Flying By Grace Lin
The Wind Blew By Pat Hutchins
Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story By Will Hillenbrand

GAME: Teddy Bear Game- use paper teddy bears (diecuts or precut coloring sheet or clip art bears with the little instruction sheet (see below for things to do with your bears)
·        shout hooray with bear
·        let the bear dance on your toes
·        Kiss your teddy’s nose
·        Give bear a hug
·        Stretch your arms up the sky with bear
·        dance with your bear
·        sit with legs out in front and stretch the bear down to your toes

If your happy and you know it (intro song)
Bean bag song #3- on bean bag CD
**Cool Bear Hunt Song # 3 Dr. Jean Silly Songs
Toe leg knee song from green Jim Gill CD
I took a bath in a washing machine #4 Jim Gill CD (use colorful scarves)
The Tempo marches on with egg shakers from Orange Jim Gill CD
Silly Dance Contest #8 Jim Gill Cd (use scarves again if you wish)
ABC song (use egg shakers)
#2 Hands are for clapping Song Yellow Jim Gill CD

Make Wind Wands using crafts sticks (Tongue depressor size) with colored crepe paper and tape . Blow with your mouth or twirl around with your wands!

You can also do wind worksheet with pieces/shapes to make an animal with the shapes from the book Windblown book link here. 

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