Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dogs Theme UPDATED

Dogs Theme 

Show them the dog puppets ( if you have one) otherwise use clipart dogs see posted images throughout this post or real pictures of dogs-- The puppets can sit with them on the floor during storytime/ circle time if you want.  Ask if they know what animal they are? Next, what sound does a dog make? ( arf, woof, ) Ask How many of the kids have a pet dog? Do you help to take care of it? i,e. feed it, walk it. 
 Show the letter D either from a diecut machine or coloring sheet printable of a d is for dog (colored paper ones) ask if they have seen that letter before and what is it? Today we are going to share books all about Dogs!

The picture you see on the upper right is of my husband tony and I at a picnic in the park with our sweet rat terrier dog Dolly Mae!

Bertie was a Watchdog By Rick Walton
Dog's Colorful Day By  Emma Dodd

Bark George By Jules Feifer
RRRalph By Lois Ehlert 
Where's Spot By Eric Hill 
10 Little Hot Dogs By John Himmelman
Biscuit Books By Alyssa Satin Capucilli 
Clifford The Big Red Dog By Norman Bridwell
Dogs, Dogs! By Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Smelly Bill By Daniel Postgate
Doggone Dogs By Karen Beaumont 
Dogs on the Bed By Elizabeth Bluemele
Dog's Noisy Day By Emma Dodd
Good Boy Fergus By David Shannon
Sit, Truman By Dan Harper
Pick a Pup By Marsha Wilson Chall  
Fun Dog, Sun Dog By Deborah Heiligman
If you Give a Dog a Donut By Laura Numeroff 
Hickory Dickory Dog By Alison Murray 
Dig Dogs Dig a Construction Tale By James Horvath

Dog on a Digger By Kate Pendergrast
 The Pigeon Wants a Puppy By Mo Willems 
A Dog Named Doug By Karma Wilson
My Dog Laughs By Rachel Isadora 
The Great Puppy Invasion By Alastair Heim
Good Rosie! By Kate DiCamillo


If your happy and you know it
If your happy and you know it
Clap you hands
If your happy and you know it
Clap your hands
If your happy and you know then your face will surely show it
If your happy and you know it clap your hands

Repeat with:
Stomp your feet
Shout Hooray

# 2 Can’t wait to Celebrate –Blue Jim Gill (irrational anthem disc)-
  • clap our hands,
  • stamp feet,
  • wave hello,
  • bounce up and down,
  • clap hands along with the song

Movement & Counting Activity: Tape Laminated Dogs 1-10 or 1-20 around the room on the walls etc. Show the kids of picture of what they are looking for and tell them when you were setting up for story time today some of the dogs ran away and could they help you find them. Let them search for a minute and then bring them to you. They can stick them to the white board/ feltboard or even the wall  with the tape and count them together

Sing (tune of ten little Indians)
1 little 2 little 3 little Dogs
4 little 5 little 6 little Dogs
7 little 8 little 9 little Dogs
10 little Dogs say woof, woof, woof

#1 The Temp marches on Jim Gill Green CD --Marching to the tempo of the song and it does get faster and faster!

# 5 Toe Leg Knee Song on Jim Gill Green CD- (follow the body parts)

#2 Hands are clapping Yellow Jim Gill CD ( Hands are clapping, toes are tapping, fingers are snapping/wiggling, knees are for slapping, teeth are brushing, hands are for clapping

#8 Silly Dance Contest Jim Gill Yellow CD use with colorful scarves

# 6 Jim Gill Orange CD – Your Face will surely show it

#3 Bean Bag Rock Song---Bean Bag Activities CD- Use with colored bean bags each child gets one bean bag

 # 17 I feel crazy so I jump in my soup – Laurie Berkner Cd Victor Vito-jump in my soup, swim in my soup, gallop in my soup, splash in my soup, sit in my soup
Simple Dog crafts inspired by RRRalph By Lois Ehlert 
Collage By toddler

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