Thursday, October 10, 2019

BOO! Ghosts Theme

BOO! Ghosts Theme 
The chill is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner! Thought this was the perfect time to share another theme! Check out all these fun ghost books!


How To Scare A Ghost By Jean Reagan
My First Ghost By Margret Miller
Five Goofy Ghosts By Judith Bauer Stamoer
The Teeny Tiny Ghost By Kay Winters
Trick or Treat By Leo Landry
We're Going on a Ghost Hunt By Susan Pearson
 Five little Ghosts By Patricia Hagerty

Ghost in the House By Ammi Joan Paquette
Ghost Hunt Leveled Reader (Disney Frozen)
Three Little Ghosties By Pippa Goodhart
There's No Such Thing As Ghosts By Emmanuelle Eeckhart
Never Say Boo! By Robin Pulver
Boo! By Joe Fenton
Ghosts In The House By Kohara Kazuno
Bedtime for Boo By Mickie Matheis
The Boo! Nathaniel Lanchenmeyer
Ghosts By Sonia Goldie
Ready, Steady, Ghost By Elizabeth Baguley
Leo: A Ghost Story By Mac Barnett
Ghost Cat By Eve Bunting
The Scariest Book Ever By Bob Shea
Skeleton Hiccups By Margery Cuyler  
One, Two Boo! By Kristen Depken
 Ten Timid Ghosts By Jennifer O-Connell
The Spooky Wheels on the Bus By J Elizabeth Mills

Rhymes and Activities

Chocolate Chip Ghost printable Story  from Credit Sunflower Storytime 
use as a feltboard or tell story and then print as a craft

 If You’re a Ghost and You Know It
Tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It
If you’re a ghost and you know it, just say BOO!
If you’re a ghost and you know it, just say BOO!
If you’re a ghost and you know it and you really want to show it,
If you’re a ghost and you know it, just say BOO!

If you’re a black cat and you know it, say MEOW……
If you’re a skeleton and you know it, Shake your bones……
If you love Halloween and you know it, clap your hands…….

Credit Sunflower Storytime

Ghost Chant
Ghost so scary,
Ghost so white,
Don’t scare (child’s name)
On Halloween Night
Source: Piggyback Songs: Seasons & Holidays Credit

Five Little Ghosts Five little ghosts dressed all in white Were scaring each other on Halloween night. “Boo!” said the first one, “I’ll catch you.'” (Hold up pointer) “Wooo said the second, “I don’t care if you do! (Hold up middle finger) The third ghost said, “You can’t run away from me.” (Hold up ring finger) And the fourth one said, “I’ll scare everyone I see! (Hold up little finger) Then the last one said, “It’s time to disappear.” (Hold up thumb) “See you at Halloween time next year!”

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hello, Goodbye, Greetings and Salutations

 Hello,Goodbye, Greetings and Salutations

READ Books:

Hi By Ethan Long
Hello, Hello By Brendan Wenzel
Say Hello Like This By Mary Murphy

Say Hello By Rachel Isadora
Say Hello Sophie By Rosemary Wells
Say Hello By Lisa Davick
Hello, Hello By Mariam Schlein (animal communication)
Hello, Goodbye Window By Norton Juster
Hello, Day! Anita Lobel
Hello, Sun By Dale Anne Dodds
Hello, Is That Grandma By Ian

Hello, Animals! By Smriti Prasadam
 Hi, Pizza Man By Virgina Walter
Wave Goodbye By Rob Reid
Wave Hello, Wave Bye-Bye By Pamela Chanko
Say Hello By Jack and Michael Foreman
 Goodbye, Friend! Hello Friend! By Cori Doerrfeld




Action Rhyme: “How Do You Say Hi?” (Do actions as they are said.)
Hey! Hi! Howdy! Yo!
There are many ways to say hello!
Wave your hand. Nod your head.
Smile big or wink instead.
Blow a kiss. Tip your hat.
Shake your hands. Give a pat.
Of all the ways to say hello,
Here’s the way I like to go…HELLO!
Credit: Transitional Songs & Storytime Katie

Here, Here” (Tune: “Skip to My Lou”)
Here, here, we’ll all here
Here, here, we’ll all here
Here, here, we’ll all here
We’re all here in storytime
Hello, [Name], how are you?
Hello, [Name], how are you?
Hello, [Name], how are you?
We’re so glad to see you!
(Repeat until every child’s name is said)
Credit: Storytime Katie

Mr. Sun”
Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
Please shine down on me
Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
Hiding behind a tree
These little children are asking you
To please come down, so we can play with you
Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
Please shine down on me
Credit: library co-workers

Tickle the Clouds
Tickle the Clouds”
Tickle the clouds
Tickle your toes
Turn around
And tickle your nose
Reach down low
Reach up high
Storytime’s over
So wave goodbye!
Credit Storytime Katie

SONG: Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye to All Our Friends
Tune: “She’ll Be Comin’ Around the Mountain”
Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our friends, “Goodbye!”
clap hands to beat and wave during ‘goodbye’
Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our friends, “Goodbye!”
Now it’s time to say goodbye,
Wave your hands,
Wink your eye,
Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our friends, “Goodbye!”
Credit: library co-workers

Touch Your Nose
(follow actions)
Touch your nose
Touch your chin
That's the way this game begins
Touch your eyes
Touch your knees
Now pretend you're going to sneeze!
Touch your hair
Touch one ear
Touch your two red lips right here
Touch your elbow where it ends
And that's the way this touch game ends.

Hands Go Up (Opening)*
(Tune: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Hands go up and hands go down,
I can turn around and round.
I can jump upon two shoes.
I can listen; so can you.
I can sit, I’ll show you how.
Storytime is starting now.
Hands Go Up (Closing)
(Tune: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Hands go up and hands go down.
I can turn round and round.
I can jump upon two shoes.
I can clap and so can you!
I can wave, I’ll show you how.
Storytime is done for now.

Hello Hello
(From Super Simple Songs)
Hello, hello! Can you clap your hands?
Hello, hello! Can you clap your hands?
Can you stretch up high?
Can you touch your toes?
Can you turn around?
Can you say, "Hello!"?

(...Can you stamp your feet?)

Our Hands Say Thank You
Our hands say thank you
With a clap, clap, clap!
Our feet say thank you
With a tap, tap, tap!
Clap, clap, clap.
Tap, tap, tap.
Now we roll our hands
And wave goodbye!

CRAFT: Hello, Goodbye Elephant
Credit: Sunflower Storytime

Hello, Goodbye Elephant – Color

Hello, Goodbye Elephant – Black and White

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals Storytime

Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals Storytime

Visiting the doctor can be scary and traumatic for a child! Here are some great options to share about what might happen at the doctor to take away the fear!

If you are interested in my other posts about Sick/get well storytime or ouches and boos (click link)

  Corduroy Goes to The Doctor By Don Freeman
Doctor Maisy By Lucy Cousins 
Froggy Goes to the Doctor By Johnathan London 
Berenstain Bears Go To The Doctor  By Stan Berenstain 
Curious George Goes to the Hospital By H.A. Rey
Clifford Visits the Hospital By Norman Bridwell 

A Visit To Dr. Duck By Rosemary Wells

Daniel Visits the Doctor By Becky Freedman
Here Comes Doctor

Hippo By Johnathan London 
Sarah and Duck Visit The Doctor By Sarah Gomes Harris 
My Friend the Doctor By Joanna Cole 
If I Were a Doctor By Bettina Takacs 


Doctor in the Clinic :
to the tune of ”The Farmer in the Dell”
The doctor in the clinic.
The doctor in the clinic.
Hi-ho the derry-o,
The doctor in the clinic.
The doctor takes a nurse…
The nurse takes a patient…
The patient gets help…
The patient gets better…

Miss Polly Had a Dolly Rhyme

Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick.
So she phoned for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick.
The doctor came with his bag and his hat,
And knocked at the door with a rat-a-tat-tat.
He looked at the dolly and shook his head,
And said “Miss Polly, put her straight to bed.”
He wrote a paper for a pill, pill, pill.
I’ll be back in the morning with the bill, bill, bill.
Credit:Cockburn Libraries 

The Bandage Song (from Making Learning Fun)
The basic idea is you move the bandage to different body parts.

Sing to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell:Put a bandage on my knee,
Put a bandage on my knee
Oh please take care of me
Put bandage on my knee.

Put a bandage on my head,
Put a bandage on my head
Oh please put me to bed
Put bandage on my head.

I added some silliness to this story by trying to put the bandage on the WRONG body part while asking "Is this his knee?" and everyone would yell "NO!!!" I also replaced the word "nurse" with "please" since I wasn't really mentioning nurses today.
Credit: One Little Librarian Blogspot

The Hand Washing Song By Jbrary (youtube)


 Fisher Price Medical Kit props/playset available from Amazon

Create a Doctors Bag Craft-- Credit One Little Librarian Blogspot

Friday, November 23, 2018

Top Picture Book Picks 2018 Part 7 (includes links to parts 1-6)

Top Picture Book Picks 2018 Part 7

See Links to Parts 1-6 of Top Picks at the end of this post!

Here is part # 7 to my Top Picks for Picture Books 2018! Check out some of my favorites today!So Many great books so little time!


Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story By Edward Hemingway

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast: Mission Defrostable By Josh Funk

Thank You Omu By Oge Mora 
Crunch The Shy Dinosaur By Cirocco Dunlap & Greg Pizzoli 
All Are Welcome By Alexandra Penfold & Suzanne  Kaufman

A Big Mooncake for a Little Star By Grace Lin
My Wish For You By Kathryn Hahn 
Bigger Than You By Hyewon Kyung  
Pigeon P.I. By Meg McLaren (2017) 
Let Me Finish By Minh Le (2016)
Santa Bruce From Ryan T Higgins 
Looking for more great new books from 2018 ?-- check out these links you may have missed 

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Top 15 Picture Books Picks 2018 Part 2  (2018)

Top picture books 2018 part 3 (2018)

Top picture books and Leveled Readers Part 4  (2018)

Top picture books and leveled readers part 5 (2018) 

Top Picks picture books and leveled readers part 6 (2018)


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Givng Thanks and Thanksgiving, Gratitude


Duck and Hippo Give Thanks By Jonathan London
Thanks for Thanksgiving By Julie Markes
Bear Says Thanks By Karma Wilson
Thankful By Eileen Spinelli
Thank You Omu By Oge Mora
The Thankful Book By Todd Parr 
Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving By James Dean
Where's Is Baby's Turkey? By Karen Katz 
The Very Fairy Princess: The Attitude of Gratitude By Julie Andrews  
Biscuit is Thankful By Alyssa Satin Capucilli 
Little Critter: Just a Special Thanksgiving By Mercer Mayer
Llama Llama Give Thanks By Anna Dewdney  
Happy Thanksgiving Curious George By H.A. Rey
The Itsy Bitsy Pilgrim By Jeffrey Burton
 Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks By Margaret Sutherland 
God Gave Us Thankful Hearts By Lisa Tawn Bergen
One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims By B.G. Hennessy

Songs & Rhymes:

 Thanksgiving Music by Pre-k pages and Youtube

Credit- Brownsburg Public Library and Pinterest 


Another Movement activity: Kids can help you put felt turkeys/ clipart turkeys on the black
feltboard and count them and then sing
(Sung to Tune Ten Little Indians )
1 little 2 little 3 little turkeys
4 little 5 little 6 little Turkeys
7 little 8 little 9 little Turkeys
10 little Turkeys say Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!


 Napkin Rings and Placemats Kids Can Make
Printable Thanksgiving Placemats FREE 

Thankful Crafts Ideas for Kids

I am Thankful Activities and Printables  from TPT $3.00