Thursday, June 29, 2017

Community Partner Program-- UK Extension Office SNAP-ED Program Yummy Curriculm Nutrition For Preschool Storytime 2016

Community Partner Program with UK Extension Office 
SNAP-ED Program-- Yummy Curriculm Nutrition For Preschool Storytime 2016

This partnership with our local UK Extension office was a fun and creative way to not only partner but to teach preschoolers in our library storytimes all about nutrition and healthy eating. The overall partnership was 6 weeks long and they visited during our storytime once a week and team taught the program with me during storytime!

READ: --BOOKS : Example of our Lessons-- see below link for full 6 weeks

Yummy Curriculum:
 Nutrition Education 
Summer Reading Program 2016

·        Eat Smart, Play Hard

     *Book: Chew, Chew, Gulp By Jarret Krosoczka
     *Book: A World of Food By Carl Warner
 Craft/ Activity: Food Stamping on paper plate “baskets” craft : Bell Peppers, Apples, Celery

       Snack: Healthy Trail Mix

·        Treat Your Body Right
       Book: Clarabelle’s Teeth

-        Book: Gregory, the Terrible Eater By Mitchell Sharmat

-        Craft/ Activity: Toothbrush Activity – Brush teeth practice

-        Snack: Mini Yogurt Parfaits

6 Week Yummy Curriculm link (send me an email for 6 week list)


If your happy and you know it (intro song)

Cant wait to celebrate – blue Jim gill CD

# 2 Row your boat song- songs for wiggleworms CD

Bean bag song #3- on bean bag cd- (bean bags in tub on top of wooden two door cabinet in program room closet).

**Cool Bear Hunt Song # 3 Dr. Jean Silly Songs

Toe leg knee song from green Jim Gill CD

I took a bath in a washing machine #4 Jim Gill CD (use colorful scarves in clear bag in wooden two door cabinet)

The Tempo marches on with egg shakers from Orange Jim Gill CD

Silly Dance Contest #8 Jim Gill Cd (use scarves again if you wish)

ABC song (use egg shakers in wooden two door cabinet)

#2 Hands are for clapping Song Yellow Jim Gill CD

Basket Printable Link

Tooth Printable ( I recommend to make it reusable to cover with clear  contact paper or laminate) then you can use dry erase markers to make tarter and have kids clean it off with toothbrushes (dollar store)

Dental Health Printables FREE Link


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