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Leveled Reader Books Tips and Tricks Part #2

Leveled Reader Books Tips and Tricks Part #2

Leveled readers are a great stepping stone on a child's journey to reading! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right book for your child. First is that each publisher has different leveling systems, these levels may not coordinate with your child's individual reading levels. Please take a look at the books first to see if whats inside is something your child is capable of handling without getting overwhelmed. Our biggest goal as a parent or even educators who are helping them is to get them the right book to fit their reading needs and keep the experience of reading a fun one!

 **Please Note: Publishing companies are inconsistent within their “leveling” of books. It may be helpful to browse through a few examples in the levels to find what best fits your child’s needs and reading level.
  Many publisher levels assigned to books typically do not coordinate with educational reading levels. I recommend to consult with your child's teacher for more information!

The following post is the 2nd part of a list of suggested Leveled Reader Books-within each series there are multiple levels and also multiple authors (see names listed below)

 A Predictable Word Book Series
Janie Spaht Gill

Puffin Easy-to-Read Series
Harriet Zieffert
Katy Hall
Stephen Krensky
Jean Vanleeuwen
Edward Marshall

Read-It! Readers
Anne Cassidy
Susan Gates
Margaret Nash
Jillian Powell

Ready to Read
Anne Rockwell
Cynthia Rylant
James Howe
Stephen Krensky
Margaret McNamara

Real Kids Readers
Louise Vitellaro Tidd
Marcia Leonard
Margery Bernstein

Rookie Ready to Learn Series
Pegeen Snow
Lin Quinn
Zachary Wilson
Bonnie Dobkin

Scholastic Reader
Jean Marzollo
Norman Bridwell
Wade Cooper

Step into Reading
Deborah Hautzig
Marc Brown
Julie Glass
Judy Donnelly
Melissa Langonegro

Alan Durant
Hilary Robinson
Margaret Nash

Viking, Easy to Read Series
Kate Spohn

Viking, Math Easy to Read Series
Harriet Ziefert

We Both Read
Paul Orshoski
Sindy Mckay
Marcy Brown
Sheryl Scarborough

We Read Phonics Series
Paul Orshoski
Dave Max
Sindy Mckay

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