Sunday, June 4, 2017

Flowers and Vegetable Gardening Theme #2

Flowers & Vegetable Gardening Theme #2

Did you know that June 4-10,2017 is Gardening week! So whether you love planting flowers or vegetables this is your week to get your hands in the dirt! 

Feel free to check out my previous posts on this blog for fairy reading gardens and the flowers and vegetable gardens theme #1 for more books and ideas!Happy Reading and Planting!

READ: Books

The Surprise Garden By Zoe Hall 
The Vegetables We Eat By Gail Gibbons
Growing Vegetable Soup By Lois Elhert
Mucha, Muncha, Muncha By Candance Fleming
Tops and Bottoms By Janet Stevens
From Seed to Plant By Gail Gibbons
The Tiny Seed By Eric Carle 
Zinna's Flower Garden By Monica Wellington
The Lima Bean Monster By Dan Yaccarino

CRAFT Ideas:
Plant a bean seed or flower seed in a dixie cup or outside in your garden space-- water it and make sure it gets sun! watch it grow!

Create a paper garden- see instructions at this pinterest link

No space to plant a garden- enjoy going for a nature walk using this worksheet link
or go to your local garden center and explore the flowers and vegetables there and talk about colors, sizes, of flowers and plants. Walk through a local botanical garden or aboretum in your area. 


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