Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dots and Spots Theme

Dots and Spots Theme 

Show them some paper circles  different sizes and talk about sometimes circles have a different word to mean the same thing- spot, dot, polka dot, circle, round. We are going to share a story today where you will see how we see dots in things everyday! ( Lots of Dots book)


The Dot By Peter Reynolds
Press Here By Herve Tullet
Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier
Find Spot! By Stacey Previn


Use the parachute with kids and parents 10 minutes if they need to move around or if there is extra space before craft time-- large flat sheet or tablecloth works too!
  • Lift up with kids holding handles say peek a boo
  • Put it down to the ground again
  • Lift high so kids can go under
  • Have kids lay on their backs with belly facing parachute and see if it touches their belly
  • Walk in a circle holding the handles
  • Have kids help put a couple of balls on the parachute each and shake them up like popcorn
  • Use paper circles on the parachute and shake them around

If your happy and you know it (intro song)

Head and shoulders knees and toes

#2 Can’t wait to celebrate Blue jim Gill Cd

Cool Bear Hunt Song # 3 Dr. Jean Silly Songs

Toe leg knee song from green Jim Gill CD

You are my sunshine (use paper plate suns)

I took a bath in a washing machine #4 Jim Gill CD (use colorful scarves )

The Tempo marches on with egg shakers from Orange Jim Gill CD

Silly Dance Contest #8 Jim Gill Cd (use scarves again if you wish)

ABC song (use egg shakers)

#2 Hands are for clapping Song Yellow Jim Gill CD

#7 Jump and Count Song Blue Jim Gill Cd


Collage Art with different size circles (dots) - use paper or dot stickers and glue them down. Be Creative!

Use large ink pads that are washable with your finger prints on white paper-- see how many sizes you can make with parent fingers and child fingers. 

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