Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Good Books To Share About Death, Empathy, and Grief With Kids UPDATED

 Good Books To Share About Death, 
Empathy, and Grief With Kids

We all go through some sort of grief or loss at one time or another in our lives. It could be loss of a close friend, family member, or even loss of a pet!  My collection of books and a couple of online resources should help you discuss with your children all about empathy,grief, death, and coping with their loss. 

 READ: Books
The Rabbit Listened By Cori Doerrfeld (empathy and grief)
The Goodbye Book By Todd Parr (struggling with a goodbye)
I'll Always Love You By Hans Wilhelm (loss of a dog)
Stay: A Girl, A Dog and A Bucket List By Kate Klise (loss of a
Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You By Nancy Tillman (loss of a parent)
The Invisible String By Patrice Karst (loss of a loved one)
Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs By Tomie

dePaola (loss of a grandparent)
Cat Heaven By Cynthia Rylant (loss of a cat)

Dog Heaven By Cynthia Rylant (loss of a dog)
Ida, Always By Caron Levis (Terminal Illness)
I Miss You: A First Look At Death By Pat Thomas (describes reasons for death, what a funeral is, and the difficult feelings and emotions of saying goodbye)
The Memory Box: A book About Grief By Joanna Rowland ( loss of a loved one)
Holes in the Sky By Patricia Polacco- Beautiful and touching story of Trisha and her grandmother Babushka and after she passes away Trisha feel there will be no other grandmother like hers. But little does she know her town and new friend Stewart has a grandmother that makes her see her own grandmother in her. Also discusses that stars are the holes in the sky are the ways our loved ones who have passed watch us from Heaven! 

Someone I Loved Died By Christine Harder Tangvald (loss of a loved one)
God Gave Us Heaven By Lisa T Bergren (loss of a loved one)
 The Invisible Boy By Trudy Ludwig ( empathy)
Everyone By Chris Silas Neal (empathy) 
In Your Shoes: A Story of Empathy By Kristin Johnson (empathy)

Coming Soon Oct.2018 
I Am Human: A Book About Empathy By Susan Verde (empathy)

Wanting more books about being Kind then  check out my post about Kindness

Online Resources:

Grief support for Loss of a Pet ( Parent Resources for sharing with kids)

Helping Kids with Grief resources from Sesame Street  in Communities

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