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Bees and Honey Bees Themes


August 18 (Third

National Honey Bee Day!

What's the Buzz?!
Why today is National Honey Bee Day! Let's celebrate and show our appreciation for the

hard working Honey Bee, who works so hard to produce the liquid sugary treat, that is loved so much by bees and humans.
Speaking of hard working, did you know that many bees have to travel 55,000 miles to produce just one pound of honey? To get that pound of honey, those bees need to gather nectar from two million flowers. A single bee will gather just a1/2 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. After all of this hard work, honey bees deserve this special day of recognition.
This day was first established in 2009 for beekeepers, as a way to promote honey and to encourage educational programs. But, this is too special a day to limit to the beekeepers. We appreciate hard working honey bees, too. After all, they produce honey that we enjoy, and they are vital to the pollination of a wide array of our fruits and vegetables. Now, that's certainly something to appreciate! 

Little Bea By Daniel Roode 
Bee: A Peek through Book By Britta Techentrup (Pre-Gr1)
Explore My World: Honeybees By Jill Esbaum ( Pre-Up)
Bee and Me By Elle McGuiness (Board Book Ages 2 and Up)
The Honeybee By Kirsten Hall (Pre-Up) 
Bear and Bee By Sergio Ruzzier 
Buzzz said the Bee By Wendy Cheyette Lewison
Curious George A Home For Honeybees By H.A. Rey Leveled Reader (Pre-Up)
Buzz, Bee ( National Geographic Reader) By Jennifer Szymanski (Pre and Up)
Berenstain Bears and the Big Honey Hunt By Stan Berenstain (Pre and Up) 
The Honeybee Man By Lela Nargi (Pre and Up)
The Very Greedy Bee By Steve Smallman
The Beeman By Laurie Krebs  (K and Up)
Buzzy The BumbleBee By  Brennan Nelson
Little Bee By Edward Gibbs
Bumble Bee By Margaret Wise Brown
These Bees Count By Allison Formento
The Honeybee and the Robber By Eric Carle 
 Buzz Buzz Busy Bees By Dawn Bentley
Horsefly and Honeybee By Randy Cecil
 Are You a Bee? By Judy Allen
What If There Where No Bees? By Suzanne Slade 
Look Inside a Beehive By Megan Cooley Peterson


Here is the Beehive Rhyme
 Here is a beehive. Where are the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees.
Soon they come creeping out of the hive (have one bee peek out)
1-2-3-4-5! BUZZ! (bring each finger out as you count)
(make your bees fly all around the hive)

Credit Sunflower Storytime & Below Bees and Hive Printables
Printable Hive
Printable Bees 

 I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee, Won't my mamma be so proud of me
I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee
Ouch! That bumblebee stung me!

I'm smashing up my baby bumblebee, Won't my mamma be so proud of me
I'm smashing up my baby bumble bee
Yuck! It's all over me!

Credit Everything Preschool 

Buzzing Bees
Bees, Bees, Bees, Bees
Buzzing in bushes and buzzing in trees

Buzzing around, wherever they please
There's nothing so sweet
As sweet as a honey bee. 
Credit Everything Preschool
Hunting Bugs
A-hunting we will go
A -hunting we will go
We'll catch a Bee!
and put it in a box(loudly)and then we'll let it go! 
Note: Tell your children to not really catch a Bee or It could sting them
Credit Everything Preschool

Bee Hive
This is my bee hive put hands together
(loud) But where are the bees?
Hidden inside where nobody sees
One, two, three, four, five, (raising up fingers)
There they go, off to the trees(point)
Credit Everything Preschool 

A Bee is on Your Nose
source: The Storytime Spot

A bee is on your nose.
A bee is on your nose.
Hi ho just watch me blow
A bee is on your nose.

(Repeat the song using different body parts.)


B is for Bumblebee Craft and Printables From ABC's to Acts

Learning about bees- making a honeycomb, eating honeycomb cereal, transferring nectar (yellow water) representing bee and using a baster to transfer nectar to an ice cube tray, also made honey cornbread.  


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