Monday, August 13, 2018

Alphabet Theme

Talk: ABC's is such a fun topic to share with your kids! Letters sound on us on a daily basis on signs, cereal boxes, fliers on our fridges, restaurants and stores!  Show the ABC's letters to your children. Talk about different letters. Find letters that form simple words i.e. cat, sat, fat, box, fox etc. or even spell out their names! Point out letters on signs or even restaurants. Practicing forming letters using a finger on a tray with simple household items like salt,sand, flour, sugar, rice.


A Busy Creature's Day Eating! By Mo Willems

Alphabet Under Construction By Denise Fleming
Sleepy Little Alphabet By Judy Sierra

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom By Bill Martin
Apple Pie ABC By Alison Murray
LMNO Peas By Keith Baker
Alligator Alphabet By Stella Blackstone
AlphaOops: The Day Z Went First By Alethea Kontis 
Eating The Alphabet

By Lois Ehlert
 Z is for Moose By Kelly Bingham
Alphabeep: A Zipping, Zooming ABC By Debora Pearson
The Bouncing, Dancing, Galloping ABC By Charlotte Doyle 
Alphabet Boats By Samantha Vamos
 Alphabet Trucks By Samantha Vamos
Alphabet Trains By Samantha Vamos
The Three Bears ABC By Grace Maccarone
Square Cat ABC By Elizabeth Schoonmaker
The Alphabet Book By P.D. Eastman
ABC A Child's First Alphabet Book By Alison Jay 
BOING: A Noisy ABC By Tim McCanna


Action Rhyme: “Alphabet Beat”
First clap your hands. Then stomp your feet.
Everybody do the alphabet beat.
Apple, Apple, Apple – a – a – a,
Apple, Apple, Apple – a – a – a,
Wave your arms high. Swing your arms low.
The alphabet beat is the way to go.
Blue, Blue, Blue – b – b – b
Blue, Blue, Blue – b – b – b
Move to the left. Move to the right.
The alphabet beat is way out of sight.
Car, Car, Car – c – c – c
Car, Car, Car – c – c – c
Now give a high five to a nearby friend.
The alphabet beat has come to the end!
Credit: Preschool Storytime Outlines & Storytime Katie 

Sing the Classic ABC's Song  


Large Block Letters Printable Set FREE (Measured Mom Site)

Magic Alphabet Letters Craft

Alphabet Activities with Magnetic Letters

ABC Exercise Cards from Homeschool Printable PDF FREE 

 Alphabet Activities and Printables From ABCstoActs (Toddlers and Preschoolers)


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