Thursday, August 9, 2018

Reading and National Book Lover Day Preschool and Up August 9, 2018

Reading and National Book Lover Day
Preschool and Up
August 9, 2018  

Talk: To instill a love for books and reading is an important part of a child's life! We want to teach them to love books and to learn to read so they will grow in their daily lives and learn to be wonderful, smart, educated adults! No excuse needed to celebrate Reading or that Today is National Book Lover Day! Share some of my collected favorites with your family!


How Rocket Learned to Read By Tad Hills Pre-2)
Book, Book, Book By Deborah Bruss (Pre-1)
Book! By Christine O'Connell (toddler-Pre)
How Do Dinosaurs Learn to READ? By Jane Yolen ( Toddler and Up) 
 Llama Llama Learns To Read By Anna Dewdney (Pre-Up)

Duncan the Story Dragon By Amanda Driscoll (Pre-2)
Hooray For Books By Brian Won (Pre-3)
Hooray for Reading Day By Margery Cuyler (K-2)

This Is Not A Picture Book By Sergio Ruzzier  

A Squiggly Story By Andrew Larsen (Pre-2)
The Library Book By Tom Chapin (Toddler and Up) 
Where are My Books? By Debi Ridpath Oh (Pre-Up) 
Lola At The Library By Anna McQuinn (Toddler and Up)

Born to Read By Judy Sierra  (K-2)
How To Read a Story By Kate Messner (K-2)
You Read to Me, I'll Read to You By Maryann Hoberman(series)
Reading Makes You Feel Good By Todd Parr (Pre-1)

The Best Place to Read By Debbie Bertram (Pre-Up)
The Best Book to Read By Debbie Bertram (K-3)
Library Day By Anne Rockwell (Pre-3)
How to Teach a Slug to Read By Susan
Pearson (K-2)
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut By Dr. Seuss (Pre-2)
The Not So Quiet Library By Zachariah OHara (Pre-2)
Again! By Emily Gravett(Pre-3)
The Magician's Hat By Malcolm Mitchell (Pre-Up)
Lola Loves Stories By Anna McQuinn (Toddler and Up) 

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