Thursday, September 6, 2018

Stephanie's Top Picture Books Picks 2018 Part 3

Stephanie's Top Picture Books Picks 2018 
Part 3

It has been a fun year so far for 2018 in books! I have been reading up a storm while it has been so hot in TN.
Gathered here are many of my starting favorites in both leveled readers and picture books! 



I Can Read: Beginning Reading Level 1 Series
Ranger Rick: I Wish I Was an Elephant By Jennifer Bove 
(perfect for beginning readers! uses real pictures, and broken down nonfiction book or factual about the elephants in short paragraphs.)

Ready To Read: Pre-Level 1 
My First Swim Class By Alyssa Satin Capucilli 
(perfect for beginning reader, nonfiction or factual information, real pictures, learning about swimming)

Step Into Reading Level 1
Disney's Frozen Ghost Hunt By Victoria Saxon adapted by Melissa Langonegro (cute story, not scary, simple text, beloved frozen characters)

Step Into Reading Level 1
Nickelodeon: Sunny Day- Stick With Me!Adapted By Courtney Carbone

(A light hearted story of friends, hair , and getting out of a sticking situation by working together!)

 I Can Read It All By My Self Beginner Books
DC Super Friends Catch That Crook By Laura Hitchcock

A Lively adventure involving capturing crooks, along with superhero friends working together to save and protect Gotham city!


 I Want a Real Bike In Oregon By Eric Kimmel  (Cute story explaining all about the different types of bikes with fun illustrations and lots of cute animal graphics!)

Click, Clack, Quack At School By Doreen Cronin
(Another fun adventure with all the farm animals and farmer brown visiting school! ) 

Kit & Kaboodle By Rosemary Wells a cute collection of three mini adventure stories about kitties Kit and Kaboodle and one mischief maker Spinka! 

Night Out By Daniel Miyares ( a beautifully illustrated story of an invitation, a young boys adventure on his night out, and tea with special friends) 

Teddy's Favorite Toy By Christian Trimmer Adorable story of a little boy's adventures with his favorite toy! except when it is missing? 

The Secret Life Of Squirrels Back To School By Nancy Rose 
a fun picture books about wild real life squirrels in different school settings.  This is the 4th book in the series. Author takes photos of these canada squirrels by coaxing them with peanuts into her sets.

Look By Fiona Woodcock - Very cool book with simple words and great graphic design! perfect for letter and word recognition and print awareness! 

Play This Book By Jessica Young - a very fun and interactive introduction to instruments and playing music together! Love it perfect for hands of  interactive books like press here! 

Hello, Fall By Deborah Diesen a sweet story about a little girl and her grandfather recalling all the beauty, sights, and sounds of the fall season!

Where Did You Come From Baby Dear? By George MacDonald & Jane Dyer  A sweet poem about how God brings us babies! Beautiful illustrations!


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