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Top Book Picks Picture Books and Leveled Readers 2018 Part 4

Top Book Picks Picture Books & Leveled Readers 2018 Part 4

Picture Books:

Hey, Wall: A Story of Art and Community By Susan Verde(Pub 2018)  A cool way to look at an empty wall and imagine bringing a neighborhood and community together through mural Art!

Corduroy Takes A Bow By Viola Davis (Pub 2018) (Based on
characters by Don Freeman)- Another Adorable and Fun Theatrical Adventure for beloved Corduroy!

Saturday is Swimming Day By Hyewon Yum (Pub 2018)
Sweet Story of a little girls fear of the unknown  in taking swimming lessons! With the teachers assistance she becomes stronger and a
little less fearful to learn to swim along with her friends!

STOP, GO, YES, NO! A Story of Opposites By Mike Twohy  (Pub 2018)
A simple sampling of opposite words with fun and expressive illustrations!

EAT PETE By Michael Rex (Pub 2018)
A Fun adventure of a monster appearing at Pete's window only to be invited in to play but the monster had other plans!

 Grow Up David By David Shannon (Pub 2018)
Simple text about siblings older brother vs younger brother a little fighting and fun!.

If You're Groovy and You Know It Hug a Friend! By Eric Litwin (Pub 2018)
Simplified text and rhyming words set to the tune of if your happy and you know it! Fun illustrations and a perfect read aloud!

How To Scare a Ghost By Jean Reagan (Pub 2018)
Cute tips and tricks of getting a ghost and trying to have some non scary fun! adorable illustrations! Fun addition to read for ghosts or halloween

I'm Sad By Michael Ian Black (Pub 2018) Cute and fun illustrations explore being sad and explaining why.

Amanda Panda and the Bigger, Better Birthday By Candice Ransom (Pub 2018) Adorable story with fun illustrations about best friends, kindergarten, and close birthdays!

Leveled Readers:

 I Can Read Series- Shared My First Reading

Fox The Tiger By Corey R. Tabor (pub 2018)
Fox wishes to be a tiger and some other animal friends have wishes too until his friend squirrel reaffirms Foxes are the Best!

Fox is Late By Corey R. Tabor (Pub 2018)- Sweet story of that busy Fox character and all his tricks including getting his animal friends to follow him home for lunch!

Ready To Read Series Level One 

Dino School Say Cheese Teddy Rex! By Bonnie Williams (pub 2016)
Simple text with cute illustrations of dinosaur friends getting ready for picture day only to have a little spill accident and to make it better with an apology and bright star!

Penguin Young Readers Level 2 

The Loopy Coop Hen Series (pub 2016)
Snow Hens By Janet Morgan Stoeke- Set up in short chapter format these hilarious hens love snow and fight over making a snow hen and who will make the beak! But in the end they decide to work together!

Scholastic Level 1 Reader 

Moo Bird By David Milgrim (pub2016) Moo Bird is different than the other birds can he find a friend like him! funny and simple with cute illustrations.

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