Friday, September 8, 2017

Grandparents Day Theme

Grandparents Day Theme 

Talk about Grandparents. Do they have any grandparents? what do they call them? do they live near or far? Do they visit them?

Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa By Anna Dewdney

What Grandmas can’t do By Douglas Wood

The Grandpa Book By Todd Parr

The Grandma Book By Todd Parr

Just Grandma and Me By Mercer Mayer

Just Grandpa and Me By Mercer Mayer 

Grandpa and Me By Karen Katz

Grandma and Me By Karen Katz 

My Grandparents Love Me By Claire Freedman


Do It For Grandma Song
Sung to the Tune of Did You Ever See a Lassie
Let’s clap our hands for Grandma,
for Grandma, for Grandma,
Let’s clap our hands for grandma,
Let’s clap them this way.

Clap this way and that way,
Clap this way and that way,
Let’s clap our hands for Grandma
Let’s clap them this way.

Have the children do the proper actions. Use these other actions also: Let’s stomp our feet, Let’s nod our heads, etc.

Fingerplay Grandma’s Spectacles
(good for quieting down)
These are grandmother’s spectacles, (makes circles around eyes with fingers)
This is grandmother’s hat.(use both hands and cup on head)
This is the way she folds her hands, (fold hands)
And puts them on her lap.(put hands in lap)
These are Grandpa’s spectacles
This is Grandpa’s hat
Here’s the way he folds his arms And THAT IS THAT!


o   If your happy and you know it (intro song)

o   Itsy Bitsy Spider with egg shakers 

o   Can’ t wait to celebrate Song #2 Blue Jim Gill CD-

o   Bean bag song #3- on bean bag cd- (bean bags)

o   **Cool Bear Hunt Song # 3 Dr. Jean Silly Songs

o   Toe leg knee song from green Jim Gill CD

o   I took a bath in a washing machine #4 Jim Gill CD (use colorful scarves)

o   The Tempo marches on with egg shakers from Orange Jim Gill CD

o   Silly Dance Contest #8 Jim Gill Cd (use scarves again if you wish)

o   ABC song (use egg shakers )

o   #2 Hands are for clapping Song Yellow Jim Gill CD


Grandparents Day Coloring

Grandparent Cards Printable 

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