Monday, September 11, 2017

Apples Theme

Apples Theme


Show apple/caterpillar Puppet  or bring in a couple real apples or even use laminated clip art and ask if they know what they are ? We are going to talk about apples today in ours stories- has anyone been to an orchard for apples yet? Do they come in different colors?- show examples of red, yellow and green apples out of cardstock.


Ten red apples up on top By Dr. Seuss (relates to craft)

 I eat apples in the fall By Mary Lindeen (simple nonfiction to introduce your topic)

Apples and Robins By Lucie Felix

Pick a circle, gather squares: a Fall Harvest of Shapes By Felicia Sanzari Chernesky

From Apple Trees to Cider Please By Felicia Sanzari Chernesky

We harvest apples in the fall By Rebecca Felix

Ten red apples By Pat Hutchins

The Apple Pie Tree By Zoe Hall
Tucker’s Apple Dandy Day
Dumpy’s Apple Shop By Julie Andrews Edwards
Apple Countdown By Joan Holub
Apple By Nikki McClure
Apple Pie ABC By Alison Murray
Apple Farmer Annie By Monica Wellington


PLAY/ GAME: (use to break up stories and songs)

Go on an Apple Hunt (use cardstock colored apples – 3 colors) and scotch tape them to the walls around the room .
  • Release them to go on a hunt-
  • Have them bring them back to you
  • Count the apples together as a group using the felt board we taped them up on the board or wall space.
  • You can ask Q’s? what size apple? What Colors do you see?-  Can you find me a red, yellow, green? How many apples did we find?  Let’s count



If your happy and you know it (intro song)
Clap you hands, stomp your feet, shout hooray!
ABC song
Twinkle Twinkie Little Star
Itsy Bitsy Spider

# 5 Jim Gill green cd-- Toe Lego Knee

#4 Freeze Dance By Greg and Steve (Kids in motion CD) use colored scarves- blue bag in wood cabinet)

# 3 Cool Bear Hunt from Silly Songs by Dr. Jean (gobble up candy in candy factory, swim across peanut butter river, wiggle in jello swamp, click pretend flashlight on and  pretend to go in cave)

#10 from Laurie Berkner – I want to dance—spin, walk backwards, paint the sky with scarves (use colored scarves) in blue bag in wooden cabinet in program room closet

#4 Clap your hands – wee sing CD

Use the parachute with kids and parents 10 minutes if they need to move around or if there is extra space before craft time
  • Lift up with kids holding handles say peek a boo
  • Put it down to the ground again
  • Life high so kids can go under
  • Cover shoes/toes with parachute
  • Have kids lay on their backs with belly facing parachute and see if it touches their belly
  • Walk in a circle holding the handles
  • Have kids help put a couple of balls on the parachute each and shake them up like popcorn

 Use finger print with red paint and give the animals on the counting worksheet 1-10 apples up on top of their heads.
 Craft supplies:
Babywipes wipe hands or if there is a bathroom nearby they can use sink
Q-tips or fingerprint to make apples
Red paint on paper plates
Worksheet with animals

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