Friday, September 22, 2017

Autumn and Fall UPDATED

Autumn & Fall

Coming Soon is Sept. 22 is the Fall Equinox - First Day of Fall
Happy Fall Ya'll -This is  one of the seasons- like  spring, summer, winter, (fall or autumn)!-- Please note--these books are just about fall and autumn- as a season-- there will be separate posts about leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, and other fall related topics. 
READ: Books

Fall is for Friends By Suzy Spafford
Fall Mixed Up By Bob Raczka
The Fantastic Gifts of Fall By Dandi Mackall
Mouse's First Fall By Lauren Thompson
Fall By John Priddy
Fall is Here! Counting 1-10 By Pamela Jane
I Love Fall By Alison Inches 
Autumn Leaves Fall From the Tree By Lisa Bell 
Counting on Fall By Lizann Flatt 
Hello, Fall By Deborah Diesen  
Who Loves The Fall By Bob Raczka 
Little Elliot Fall Friends By Mike Curato
I See Fall By Charles Ghingna
Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn By Kenard Pak
Fall Leaves Fall By Zoe Hall  
Bella's Fall Coat By Lynn Plourde
Awesome Autumn By Bruce Goldstone
Hedgehugs:Autumn Hide and Seek By Steve Wilson 
Fox Makes Friends By Adam Relf 
Autumn Pop Up Book By David Carter 
We Gather Together : Celebrating the Harvest Season By Wendy Pfeffer (Grades 1-3) 

 Autumn Songs and Rhymes (10) different Link

 Leaves are falling from the trees (Flutter fingers down)
Yellow, brown and red.
Falling, falling from above.
One landed on my head! (Hands on head)

Credit Sunflower Storytime 

o   Bean bag song #3- on bean bag cd-  closet) Bean Bag Activities & Coordination Skills

Kimbo Georgiana Stewart

o   **Cool Bear Hunt Song # 3 Dr. Jean Feldman's Silly Songs CD

o   Toe leg knee song from green Jim Gill CD

o   I took a bath in a washing machine #4 Jim Gill CD (use colorful scarves)

o   The Tempo marches on with egg shakers from Orange Jim Gill CD

o   Silly Dance Contest #8 Jim Gill Cd (use scarves again if you wish)

o   ABC song (use egg shakers)

o   #2 Hands are for clapping Song Yellow Jim Gill CD


Autumn Mandala Coloring Sheet
Fall Sequencing or Pattern Cards  

Autumn Theme Cards with Pictures

50 outdoor activities for kids of all ages- autumn 

Fantastic Fall Crafts and Activities Link

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