Wednesday, September 13, 2017

G is for Goats

G is for Goats

Show them the letter G and share pictures of  goats that begin with letter G. This is our letter of the day!

G is for Goat By Patricia Polacco
G sound box By Jan Belk Moncure
Three Billy Goats Gruff By Paul Galdone
Three Billy Goats Fluff By Rachael Mortimer
Let's Count the Goats book
By Mem Fox

If your happy and you know it – (clap hands, stomp feet, shout hooray)

# 2 Can’t wait to Celebrate –Blue Jim Gill (irrational anthem disc)-
  • clap our hands,
  • stamp feet,
  • wave hello,
  • bounce up and down,
  • clap hands along with the song
# 5  Toe, Leg Knee Song -Green Jim Gill CD
Alphabet Song with the egg shakers
 Itsy Bitsy Spider or Twinkle Twinkle little star with egg shakers

#2 Hands are clapping Yellow Jim Gill CD ( Hands are clapping, toes are tapping, fingers are snaping/wiggling, knees are for slapping, teeth are brushing, hands are for clapping

 #8 Silly Dance Contest Jim Gill Yellow CD use with colorful scarves (blue bag in wooden cabinet)

NEW #11 Tickle Toe Song –Toe, knee, nose, jaw, shoe, my hair, arm, neck, stomach ticking hips, my forehead,  tickling my lips, tickled ankle, knuckles, chin finally heel-- Jim Orange Gill CD


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