Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dinosaurs Theme

Dinosaurs Theme


Show Puppet and see if they can figure out that is a dinosaur?

Do they stomp on their feet? Flap their wings if they fly? ROAR

Show clipart of dinosaurs, use a puppet or use plastic dinosaurs show them to the group and ask what they are? Does anyone know how long ago they lived? You could ask if anyone knows any of the names etc. We are going to talk all about dinosaurs today.

For Hunt Activity: Plastic dinosaurs (oriental

Plastic empty easter eggs (dollar store, oriental

Watermelon (1 large round or long) large dinosaur egg

A couple of smaller ones depending on the size of your group to cut up and enjoy!

Dinosaur Roar By Paul Strickland
Dinosaur Stomp By Paul Strickland 

Dinosaur Parade By Shari Halpern

How Do Dinosaurs get well soon By Jane Yolen
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night By JAne Yolen
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs By Bryon Barton
Dinosnores By Kelly Dipucchio
Dinosaurs Galore by Giles Andreae
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs By Paul Strickland
Three Little Dinosaurs By Charles Fuge 
Dino Pets By Lynn Plourde


Dinosaur Coloring- 

SING: Dancing scarves, egg shakers, Rhythmn sticks

If your happy and you know it (song sheet)

Laurie Berkner greatest hits CD- #4 We are the Dinosaurs (marching, eating our food, Marching, stop and take a rest (sleeping) marching and ROAR!

#2 Hands are for clapping (yellow jim Gill CD)

# 3 Cool Bear Hunt (Dr. Jean Silly Songs CD)

Sing the ABC song with the egg shakers

# 8 Silly Dance Contest ( Jim Gill Yellow Cd)

# 14 Nothing Wrong Song ( Jim Gill Green CD)

# 1 The Tempo marches on ( Jim Gill Green CD)

# 11 The Color Game song – use small ziplocks with paper color squares and the green jim gill CD)

# 3 Bean Bag Rock Song ( orange and red bean bag activity CD)


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