Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mustaches Theme

Mustaches Theme

Show them mustache on the craft stick and ask if anyone knows what its called?
Then tell them we are going to see some of these in our stories today!-- **you can use clipart or velcro pieces on a stick to show mustache shape.
** I used the fuzzy side of the velcro since i had a bunch of extra pieces.

Mustache Baby By Bridget Heos
Mr. Moustache By Adam Hargreaves
Mo's Mustache By Ben Clanton
Moosetache By Margie Palatini
Mustache Baby meets his match By Bridget Heos

WRITE: Monkeys and Mustaches coloring sheet

Mustache coloring sheet

Feel Free to Use Dancing scarves, egg shakers, Rhythmn sticks 
If your happy and you know it
#2 Hands are for clapping (yellow jim Gill CD)
# 3 Cool Bear Hunt (Dr. Jean Silly Songs CD)
Sing the ABC song with the egg shakers
# 8 Silly Dance Contest ( Jim Gill Yellow Cd)
# 14 Nothing Wrong Song ( Jim Gill Green CD)
# 1 The Tempo marches on ( Jim Gill Green CD)
# 11 The Color Game song – use small ziplocks with paper color squares and the green jim gill CD)- **easy to make using scrap colored paper or construction paper
# 3 Bean Bag Rock Song (orange and red bean bag activity CD)

Mustache photo props

5 easy ways to make a mustache crafts

Mustache addition centers math from TPT $1.00

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