Monday, May 15, 2017

Zoo Animals Theme REVISED

Zoo Animals Theme
TALK:  Let’s take a look at some animals- show pictures from book craft and ask what each animal is? Do you know where these animals live? We are going to pretend we are going to the zoo today! All of our stories are going to have animals from the zoo.

READ: (read 2-3)

Good Night Gorilla By Peggy Rathmann
Zoo Looking By Mem Fox 
The Painting Gorilla By Michael Rex
 Our Class Took a Trip to the Zoo By Shirley Neitzel
1, 2, 3, to the zoo By Eric Carle
Zoo Day Ole! By Phyllis Gershator
Curious George Feeds the Animals By H.A Rey  
 Do Kangaroos wear seat belts? By Jane Kurtz
Animals Strike at the zoo! Its true By Karma Wilson
Welcome to the Zoo By Jay Alison
                                       Psst! By Adam Rex
The Lending zoo By Frank Asch 
Hole in the Zoo By Chloe and Mick Inkpen 

PLAY: Go on a pretend Zoo scavenger Hunt – Tape up & use laminated animals and put them in groups on the wall, have kids go with mom or dad and tell them which animals they see and count them and put # down in the box on the scavenger hunt sheet.  scavenger hunt sheet here

If your happy and you know it – (clap your hands, stomp your feet, shout hooray)
ABC song (colored egg shakers)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (colored egg shakers)
Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Monkey Dance - #10 from The Wiggles greatest hits CD (monkey sound and  move arms like a monkey, make an elephant trunk with  sort a trumpet sound) make tiger claws with hands and roar like a tiger.
Sing with us (Here we go round Mulberry Bush) (rhythm sticks)              
Come along and sing with us
Sing with us, sing with us
Come along and sing with us
So early in the morning
Continue with….
…clap with us (clap hands)
…stomp with us(stomp feet)
…Tap with us(use sticks)
….read with us(open and close hands like a book)

Silly Dance Contest with colored scarves  ( Jim Gill Yellow The Sneezing song and other fairly contagious tunes CD)

#4 Clap your hands CD- Wee Sing Childrens Songs and Fingerplays (see below)
  • Clap you hands- slowly as you can  & quickly as you can
  • Shake you hands slowly&quickly
  • Roll your hands slowly&quickly
  • Rub your hands slowly &quickly
  • Wiggle your fingers slowly&quickly
  • Pound your fists slowly &quickly

 Use colored scarves and dance to I took a Bath in the Washing Machine# 4 on Jim Gill CD The Sneezing Song and Other Fairly Contagious Tunes

or # 31 Shimmie Shake on Wiggles Greatest Hits CD

**If the group needs to get up and move**-- use the parachute  if you don’t own a parachute- a large flat sheet or even a table cloth will work just have everyone grab on and hold the edges.
You can have kids hold the handles or edge and lift above their heads
  • They can also hold the handles/edge and walk in a circle
  • Then they can help toss balls on the parachute and shake them like popcorn

CRAFT:  Make a Zoo animal Book
Then will need 1 colored construction paper 81/2x11
Fold the construction paper down from top to bottom
Use staplers to attach all the other animal pages inside that are paper clipped together
You can put out crayons if they want to color on their books too.

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