Sunday, May 28, 2017

Flower and Vegetable Gardens Theme #1

Flowers and Vegetable Gardens Theme #1

Talk about what we need for a garden? What three things do a plant, or a seed need to grow?

i.e. water, sun and dirt. 


Dig In By Cindy Jenson Elliot

Up Down and Around By Katherine Ayres

Titch By Pat Hutchins

Little Seeds by Charles Ghigna

Up In The Garden Down in the Dirt By Kate Messner
Lola Plants a Garden  By Anna Mcquinn
Peppa Pig and the Vegetable Garden By Candlewick Press
Fran's Flower By Lisa Bruce 

They use the Color Flower Planter

Then Choose Flowers- whatever size, 1 for each letter of their name

Let the parent show them how to use the kid scissors and have them cut them apart and glue them onto their planter

They can then use markers or crayons and write a letter on each flower for his name

 You can also plant seeds using potting soil, the little small cups (dixie) or the seed starter kind have the kids help you or plant directly into pots at home! Here are few examples of pots I planted at my house! water and make sure you place them in an area with sunlight.

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