Monday, May 15, 2017

community helpers Theme

Community Helpers Theme


We have people that surround us every day that have special jobs. Ask about a couple examples- who helps put out a fire?, who collects trash?, who helps us when we are sick?

Engine Number 9 By Mike Austin

Kitten Red Yellow Blue By Peter Catalanotto

Trashy Town

SHHH! Everyone’s Sleeping By Julie Markel
Clothesline Clues to Jobs people do By Kathryn Heling
Night Shift By Jessie Hartland

SING: you can use --dancing scarves, egg shakers, Rhythmn sticks or just your body to dance , move or sing these songs. 

If your happy and you know it

#2 Hands are for clapping (yellow Jim Gill CD- called the sneezing song and other fairly contagious tunes)

# 3 Cool Bear Hunt (Dr. Jean Silly Songs CD)

Sing the ABC song with the egg shakers

# 8 Silly Dance Contest ( Jim Gill Yellow CD)

# 1 The Tempo marches on ( Do Re Mi ToeLeg and Knee Jim Gill CD)

# 11 The Color Game song – use small ziplocks with construction paper color squares and the Do Re Mi Toe Leg and knee Jim gill CD)

# 3 Bean Bag Rock Song (orange and red bean bag activity CD)
CD Bean Bag Activities & Coordination Skills Kimbo Georgiana Stewart

 CRAFT option:
Color with markers or crayons -- free unit from teachers pay teachers- jennifer tilton/ kindertips.blogspot
community helpers worksheets

Printable community helper bingo cards

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