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Clouds and Rain Theme Toddler or Preschool Plans (UPDATED)

Clouds & Rain

Toddler or Preschool Plans

Show them the cloud cut out and ask what it is? ask them when do we wear are raincoats and boots what is happening outside when we have them on?
We are going to read all about clouds and rain today!

***Alternate books and songs**

Rain By Carol Thompson 
Worm Weather By Jean Taft
Cloudette By Tom Litchenheld

Little Cloud By Eric Carle
Rain By Linda Ashman
Clouds By Marion Dane Bauer 
Tap Tap Boom Boom By Elizabeth Bluemie 
Rain By Manyna Stojic 
Rabbits and Raindrops By Jim Arnosky

Raindrop Plop By Wendy Lewison

Move Over, Rover! By Karen Beaumont
It looked Like Split Milk By Charles Shaw
Let it Rain By Maryann Cocoa Leffler
Rain By Marion Dane Bauer  
Singing in the Rain By Tim Hopgood
 Boom Boom By Sarvinder Nauberhaus 
Who Likes Rain By Herbert Wong Yee

Who Likes the Rain By Etta Kaner 
Peep and Ducky Rainy Day By David Martin 

May I Come In? By Marsha Diane Arnold (2018) 



(Toddler and Preschool Group) If your happy and you know it – (clap hands, stomp feet, shout hooray)

Action Rhyme: “The Rain Is Falling Down”
The rain is falling down (flutter fingers down)

SPLASH! (clap once loudly)
Pitter patter pitter patter (tap legs softly)
The rain is falling down (flutter fingers down)
SPLASH! (clap once loudly)
Pitter patter pitter patter (tap legs softly)
[Repeat until kids are worn out.]
Credit: King County Library System and Storytime Katie

(Toddler and Preschool Group)# 2 Can’t wait to Celebrate –Blue Jim Gill (irrational anthem disc)-
  • clap our hands,
  • stamp feet,
  • wave hello,
  • bounce up and down,
  • clap hands along with the song 
(Preschool )# 5  Toe, Leg Knee Song -Green Jim Gill CD

(Toddler Group) Alphabet Song with the egg shakers

(Toddler Group) Itsy Bitsy Spider or Twinkle Twinkle little star with egg shakers

(Toddler or Preschool)#2 Hands are clapping Yellow Jim Gill CD ( Hands are clapping, toes are tapping, fingers are snaping/wiggling, knees are for slapping, teeth are brushing, hands are for clapping

( Preschool or Toddler) #8 Silly Dance Contest Jim Gill Yellow CD use with colorful scarves

(Preschool) NEW #11 Tickle Toe Song –Toe, knee, nose, jaw, shoe, my hair, arm, neck, stomach ticking hips, my forehead,  tickling my lips, tickled ankle, knuckles, chin finally heel-- Jim Orange Gill CD

Another Movement activity:use cardstock or laminated clouds if you want to put them around the room you can taped to the walls for them to find and then count (only use 10) and they can count on their fingers with you once they attached  them with the tape to the white  a- frame board.

If you want to sing a song –( tune of ten little Indians)
1 little 2 little 3 little clouds
4 little, 5 little, 6 little clouds
7 little 8 little 9 little clouds
10 little clouds are floating in the sky! (raise hands high above head and sway)

After about 15-20 minutes of stories and songs then get Parachute & Balls-- again if you do not have a parachute you can use a large flat sheet or tablecloth!
* lift up,
*go under it
*walk in a circle holding handles
 *kids can lay down under it to see if it touches belly
*have kids help throw balls on the parachute and shake them up like popcorn.
Ring Around the Rosie (everyone hold handles and walk in a circle)
Pocket Full of Posies
Ashes Ashes we all Fall down! (pretend to go “down“ kids and parachute can go down to the ground)

Come under my umbrella (song)
Umbrella, Umbrella 
Come under my umbrella
Its starting to rain
With thunder and lighting and wind and rain! Come under my umbrella its starting to rain!  (shake and flap parachute over their kids heads and all gather under the parachute together)

CRAFT: White cloud template - copy onto card stock to use with whole puncher and yarn for lacing activity.
Use (white clouds that are hole punched) with the yarn to lace or 
Use white paint with blue paper and the rubber little porcupine rings to make clouds- just rinse the rings in the sink to get paint off.
 Porcupine rings are here

Other great ideas- like using shaving cream on table to make clouds and a printable cloud page template to go with it looked like split milk available through this chalk talk blog site link

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