Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fairy Reading Garden and resources for creating one

Fairy Reading Garden

I am following a trend that is taken off over the last few years! I have created my own Fairy reading garden in my front yard-- I have been working on it a while but it is a creative and fun project for me.

There are many books out there about fairy's and fairy gardens-- to browse through- my advice be careful how quickly you get into it! This is a hobby although it may be fun it can also get expensive really quick. Look for sales and start out slow adding a piece whenever time or budget allows. Take your time, decide on a theme and enjoy every minute of it!
 There are lots of great resources to get started- library research (see below examples of books) for supplies--There are also many local and online resources amazon, etsy, local garden centers, even michaels.

Check your local library for books about fairies and fairy gardens!Here are a couple examples..

Fairy Hill: May and the Music Show By Cari Meister (Scholastic Level 1 Reader)

Here are pictures from my fairy reading garden at home!

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  1. Love your blog! Your book suggestions are wonderful and I really like that you show the covers. I love the fairy reading gardens. Had no idea about this, but I am now interested in making a few for my grandchildren. I teach Kindergarten and will be checking back often. Thanks!