Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Robots Theme UPDATED

Robots Theme

READ: Books

Hello Robots By Bob Staake
R is for Robot By Adam Watkins 
The Robot Book By Heather Brown

The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot By Margaret McNamara
Robots,Robots, Everywhere By Sue Fliess
That's Not My Robot By Fiona Watt
Big Bot, Small Bot By Marc Rosenthal  
Boy +Bot By Ame Dyckman
Lots of Bots: A Counting Book By David A. Carter
Rolie Polie Olie By William Joyce
If You're A Robot and You Know It By David A. Carter 
The Robot and the Bluebird By David Lucas 
Louise Loves Bake Sales By Kelly Light 
Clink By Kelli DiPucchio
Robots By Clive Gifford (Nonfiction) long but interesting
Robots Everywhere By Denny Hebson
Pete the Cat Robo Pete By James Dean 
Spare Parts By Rebecca and Ed Emberely
Awesome Dawson By Chris Gall
Snowbots By Aaron Reynolds 
Robo-Sauce By Adam Rubin (K and up)
Franky By Leo Timmers 
Mechanimals By Chris Tougas 
Little Robot Alone By Patricia Maclachlan
My Friend Robot By Sunny Scribens


 Robot, Robot Rhyme
 Robot, robot,
Turn around.
Robot, robot,
Touch the ground.
Robot, robot,
turn left and right.
Robot, robot,
flash your lights.
Robot, robot,
bloop and bleep.
Robot, robot,
Go to sleep.

Credit hushlander.wordpress

Song: The Lights on the Robot
Another song from 1,000 Fingerplays and Action Rhymes, this song was a big hit. I think that one great thing about The Wheels on the Bus and its variations is that the repetition allows even the youngest kids to catch on. Definitely a winner!

The lights on the robot
blink on and off,
on and off, on and off.
The lights on the robot
blink on and off,
all around the rocket ship

(arms on the robot go up and down,
dials on the robot turn left and right,
legs go up and down,
power on the robot powers down)

Credit hushlander.wordpress

 Rhyme picture credit Pinterest

I'm A Little Robot
(Sung to: "I'm A Little Teapot") 
 I'm a little robot, short and strong.
Here are my handles, just turn me on.
When I get all warmed up, watch me go,
Sometimes fast and sometimes slow. 

Credit everything preschool

Sam the Robot Man
I'm Sam the robot man, I'm doing the best I can.
Power onto low. Are all systems go?
I can keep the beat. I can keep it in my feet.
Move my feet to the music's beat, everywhere I go.
I can reach up high. I can reach down low.
Move my feet to the music's beat, everywhere I go.
I can turn around. I can touch the ground.
Move my feet to the music's beat, everywhere I go.
Move my feet to the music's beat, everywhere I go

Credit Everything Preschool


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