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Polar Bear Day

Polar Bear
Theme/ Day

Always Celebrated on Feb. 27

Polar Bear Day celebrates the world's largest carnivore. A polar bear can grow up to nine feet tall(when standing) and 1400 pounds. They are a favorite at zoos around the country. Polar bears live at the North Pole region, and are native to Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia.
READ: Books

Polar Bear Night By Lauren Thompson

My Little Polar Bear By Claudia Rueda
Snow Babies By Lauren Ellen Anderson ( Polar bears, seals, penguins)
Hush Little Polar Bear By Jeff Mack
Three Snow Bears By Jan Brett
Polar Bear's Underwear By Tupera Tupera
Polar Opposites By Erik Brooks

Polar Bear Morning By Lauren Thompson
Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? By Bill Martin Jr
Baby Polar By Yannick Murphy
There's a Bear on My Chair By Ross Collins
 Morning Little Polar Bear By Carol Votaw
The Little Polar Bear By Hans De Beer
That's Not My Polar Bear By Fiona Watt
The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud By Jane Cabrera
Snowy Bear By Little Bee Books


Felt Board Story - Marco the Polar Bear 

Marco the Polar Bear As white as the snow Sat on the ice, near the cold waters flow Lunch! I need lunch he said I'll make a wish. He stuck in his paw and came up with a fish!
What color was it?

I let the kids come up and pick a fish from a special container and place it on the flannel board. It was great having the participation element to the story!
Credit one little librarian.blogspot

Roley Poley Polar Bears Song

The roley poley polar bears
Like dancing in the snow
And they don't care if they don't have a fiddle or a bow
Each takes his place and curtsies low
And smiles a gentle smile
When polar bears go dancing
They do it with great style

Polar Bear Pokey
(the same as the hokey pokey but instead use polar bear body parts)

You put your ears in
You put your claws in
You put your tail in
You put your black nose in
You put your furry body in


Chant the following rhyme and have your children move like a polar bear.
                Polar Bear, Polar Bear turn around.
                Polar Bear, Polar Bear touch the ground.
                Polar Bear, Polar Bear bend down low.
                Polar Bear, Polar Bear touch your toe.
                Polar Bear, Polar Bear slide on the ice.
                Polar Bear, Polar Bear spin around, twice.
                Polar Bear, Polar Bear reach up high.
                Polar Bear, Polar Bear touch the sky.
                Credit Jean Warren Preschool Express 

Tune:  “Did You Ever See A Lassie?”

Did you ever see a polar bear,
A polar bear, a polar bear?
Did you ever see a polar bear
Sliding on ice?
He slips and slides,
He twirls and glides.
Did you ever see a polar bear,
Sliding on ice?
                                Jean Warren Preschool Express
Tune:  “Mary Had A Little Lamb”

  Polar bears have fur that’s white,
Fur that’s white, fur that’s white.
Polar bears have fur that’s white
It lets them hide from sight.
Polar bears are big and strong,
Big and strong, big and strong.
Polar bears are big and strong,
They swim the whole day long.

Polar bears have lots of blubber,
Lots of blubber, lots of blubber.
Polar bears have lots of blubber,
To keep them nice and warm.
Credit Jean Warren Preschool Express

Polar Bear Twinkle

Polar bear, polar bear, turn around,
Polar bear, polar bear, touch the ground,
Polar bear, polar bear, show your shoe,
Polar bear, polar bear, that will do.
Polar bear, polar bear, bend your knee,
Polar bear, polar bear, climb this tree,
Polar bear, polar bear, make a frown,
Polar bear, polar bear, sit right down.

Polar bear, polar bear, stand on your toes,
Polar bear, polar bear, touch your nose,
Polar bear, polar bear, wink your eye,
Polar bear, polar bear, say good-bye.

~ Sing this polar bear song to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star


Polar Bear Paw Counting Activity 

P is for Polar Bear Magnet or Dot Marker Printable 

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