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Popcorn Theme ( Mar. 8 Popcorn Lover's Day & Oct. National Popcorn Popping Month)

Popcorn Theme

March 8 is Popcorn Lover's Day! & October is National Popcorn Popping Month!

Many of us love popcorn. So, it only makes sense that there should be a special day just for popcorn lovers.
Popcorn is good for you, when eaten plain. It is not as healthy, when it's loaded with salt and butter.
This day is intended to enjoy popcorn and share it with others. Bring some to work. Or microwave some and put in in a basket in your office. Credit Holiday Insights.com

READ: Books

If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Laura Joffe Numeroff  

The Popcorn Book by Tomie Depaola

The Popcorn Dragon by Jane Thayer

The Popcorn Shop by Alice Low

Popcorn Book By Frank Asch

Popcorn By Alex Moran

Popcorn (First Steps Nonfiction) By Sarah Hoffman (ages 5 and up)

Popcorn By Elaine Landau (ages 5 and up)

Corn By Gail Gibbons (Grades 1-4)


I'm a Little Kernel (sung to I'm A Little Teapot)
I'm a little kernel in a pot
Turn on the heat and watch me hop.
When I get all warmed up then I'll pop.
Yummy-yum I taste good when hot!
 Credit Preschool Plan It

The Popcorn Song (Sung to Down by the Station)
In the popcorn popper
kernels go ker-plunk.
I can smell it cooking-
Almost done!
See the popcorn popping
Fluffy and white.
Pop-Pop! Yum-Yum!
Tastes just right!
 Credit Preschool Plan It 

Popcorn In A Pot (Sung to I'm a Little Teapot)
I'm a little popcorn in a pot
Heat me up and watch me pop.
when I get all fat and white then I'm done
Popping corn is lots of fun!
Credit Preschool Plan it 

I Am Popcorn (Sung to Frere Jacques)
I am popcorn. I am popcorn.
See me pop. See me pop.
Pop pop pop pop popcorn
Pop pop pop pop popcorn
See me pop. See me pop.
 Credit Preschool Plan it 
Movement: “Popcorn, Popcorn”
Popcorn, popcorn, put it in the pan (swish hands back & forth)
Shake it up! Shake it up (shake body)
BAM! BAM! BAM (stomp feet or clap hands for each BAM)

Popcorn, Popcorn, now it is getting HOT! (swish hands back & forth)
Shake it up,  shake it up (Shake Body)
(stomp feet or clap hands for each POP)

Pop, Pop, Pop (clap at each pop)
Pour the corn into the pot (pretend to pour)
Pop, Pop, Pop! (clap at each pop)
Take it and shake it till it's hot (pretend to shake a pot)
Pop, Pop, Pop! (clap at each pop)
Lift the lid What have we got? (pretend to lift the lid off a pot)
Credit Preschool Plan it 

Pop, pop, pop
Says the popcorn in the pan.
Pop, pop, pop,
You may catch me if you can.

Pop, pop, pop
Says each kernel bright and yellow.
Pop, pop, pop
They are clever little fellows.

Pop, pop, pop
As they scamper ‘cross the heat.
Pop, pop, pop
They are very good to eat.

Pop, pop, pop
Pop, pop, pop

Credit Nuttinbutpreschool 

POPPIN’ POPCORN Sung to the tune of “The Muffin Man”
Do you know how to pop popcorn,
Pop popcorn, pop popcorn?
Do you know how to pop popcorn?

Make it hot and watch it pop,
Watch it pop, watch it pop.
Make it hot and watch it pop.

Pour in a bowl and share with a friend,
Share with a friend, share with a friend.
Pour in a bowl and share with a friend,

Credit Nuttinbutpreschool


Using a parachute, tell the children they are going to pretend it is a hot air popcorn popper! Talk through the process of popping kernels.
We are pouring the kernels in (everyone squat down to the floor holding the chute).
The air is moving and getting warmer (stand up slowly)
The kernels are moving around a little (make small waves up and down with the parachute).
The kernels are slowly popping (up, down, up down, slowly)
Now faster.........and faster......WHOA! There's the popcorn!
EXTENSION: Add some crunched up paper or soft balls to be the kernels. 
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