Monday, March 5, 2018

Author Spotlight Mem Fox

Author Spotlight Mem Fox

Today March 5  is her birthday!

Merrion Frances "Mem" Fox, AM (born Merrion Frances Partridge on 5 March 1946) is an Australian writer of children's books and an educationalist specialising in literacy. Fox is semi-retired and lives in Adelaide.[1]
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READ: Books--

 This and That  Ages 0 and up)
 Where is Green Sheep? (Ages 0 and up)
 Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (ages 0 and up)
 Time For Bed ( Ages 0 and up)
Possum Magic Animals (Ages 0 and up)
Possum Magic Numbers  ( Ages 0 and up)

Ducks Away (ages 2 and up))
Nellie Belle ( Ages 2 and up)
Two Little Monkeys (Ages 2 and up)
Let's Count Goats (Ages 2 and up)
Baby Bedtime ( Ages 2 and up)
Yoo Hoo Ladybird ( Ages 2 and up)
Hattie and The Fox (Ages 2 and up)

Zoo-Looking ( Ages 3 and up)
Koala Lou (Ages 3 and up)
The Magic Hat (Ages 3 and up)
Tell Me About Your Day Today ( ages 3 and up)
Possum Magic(Ages 3 and up)
Sleepy Bears (Ages 3 and up)

A Giraffe in the Bath (Ages 4 and up)
 I'm Australian Too ( Ages 5 and up)


 Mem Fox Author Website ( a Full list of her books)

Fun Sheep Puppets to go with Where is Green Sheep Book

Whoever You Are Book Reading Activity  

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