Friday, January 12, 2018

Snow Plows & Zamboni's

Snow Plows 
& Zamboni's

READ: Books

The Little Snowplow By Lora Koehler 
Small Walt By Elizabeth Verdick
Katy and the Really Big Snow By Virgina Lee Burton
Supertruck By Stephen Savage 

Axle Annie By Robin Pulver 
Thomas gets a snowplow By Rev. W. Awdry
Snowplows Cari Meister 
Grandma Drove The Snowplow By Katie Clark

I Drive A Snowplow By Sarah Bridges 
If I Had a Snowplow By Jean Patrick
I'm Cool By Kate Mcullan 
Z is for Zamboni By Michael Napier


This song is available on James Coffey's Lots & Lots of Trucks.

When winter comes around it's 10 below
The clouds move in
And it starts to snow
Before you know it, snow is all about
Then you'll need me to come
And plow you out

I'll Clear It Off No Matter How High
And Make The Streets So Nice
And Dry
I'd Like To Hang Around And Play
In The Snow
But There is People Out There
With Places To Go

I gotta go, gotta go,
Gotta plow out that road
I gotta go, gotta go,
Gotta clean up that snow
I gotta go, gotta go,
Gotta plow out that road
I gotta go, gotta go,
Gotta clean up that snow

Yeah snow is good for slippin’ and slidin'
But not too good for walkin' and drivin'
I'll push that snow right out of the way
Then I’ll load it up and take it away


When it's piled up right to your door
You can't got out to
The grocery store
If you want out, I’ll tell you how
Just wait for my big snowplow and me

Credit Songs for teaching and james Coffey

Tune: “Frere Jacques”

It is snowing, it is snowing,
Falling down, falling down.
Winter winds are blowing,
Drifts are slowing growing,
All around, all around.

Credit --Jean Warren Preschool Express


 Snowplow Craft (picture credit reading confetti and pinterest)

Katy and the really big snow actvities
Snow Dough Sensory Play  

 Shaving Cream Snowplow play (picture credit pinterest)
Salt Truck Craft  
Blizzard in a bag craft
snow plow coloring sheet 
Snow plow salt truck coloring sheet option 2 


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