Friday, January 12, 2018

Sledding, Skiing, and snow activities

Skiing, Sledding, and other Snow Activities



READ: Books
Red Sled By Lita Judge
Bunny Slopes By Claudia Rueda 
The Big Red Sled By Jane Gerver 
Peppa Pig and the day at Snowy Mountain By Candlewick Press
Squirrels on Skis By J. Hamilton Ray 

When the Snow Falls By Linda Booth Sweeney
SnowBall Moon By Fran Cannon Slayton 
If it's Snowy and You Know it, Clap Your Paws! By Kim Norman 
Ten on a Sled By Kim Norman  
Hello, Snow! by Hope Vestergaard and Nadine Bernard 
Fancy Nancy: There's No Day Like a Snow Day By Jane O'Connor 
Red Sled By Patrica Thomas
Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow By David Soman
Little Red Gliding Hood By Tara Lazar 
Eloise Skates By Kay Thompson
Lines By Suzy Lee
Daniel's Winter Adventure By Becky Friedman
The Winter Picnic By Robert Welber 

Mouse Loves Snow! By Lauren Thompson
Five Penguins Slipping on Ice By Steve Metzger
Snow Dance By Lezlie Evans 
Mouse's First Snow By Lauren Thompson 
Snow Sisters! Two sisters one snowy day By Keri Kokias 
Mice Skating By Annie Silvestro 

Try these ideas with your group.

  Bring in one or more sleds for your children to use for indoor dramatic play or outdoor snow fun.
  Use a small laundry basket lined with a blanket for a sled. Attach a rope handle and let the children give stuffed toys a ride by pulling them around the room.    
  Cut the sides of a large cardboard carton to resemble the sides of a horse-drawn sleigh. Invite the children to paint the sleigh any color they wish. Encourage them to take pretend rides in their sleigh and describe what they experience. For added fun, sing "Over the River and Through the Woods." Credit Preschool Express


Tune: "The Farmer in the Dell"

We're sledding in the snow.
We're sledding in the snow.
Up we climb, then down we go.
We're sledding in the snow.
Liz Ryerson Preschool Express
Encourage your children to make sledding movements with their hands as they sing.

Fingerplay: “Here’s a Hill”
Here’s a hill (tilt left arm so that it forms a hill)
And here’s a hill (tilt right arm so that it forms a hill)
All covered with snow (raise hands up, bring down in snow motion)
I’ll put on my coat, (put coat on)
And jump on my sled (hold the rope of a sled)
And ZOOM, down the hill I will go! (clap hands, slid hands down)
Credit: The Holiday Zone (with a little tweaking)& Storytime Katie

Action Song: “Dance Like Snowflakes”
Dance like snowflakes,
Dance like snowflakes
In the air, in the air
Whirling, twirling snowflakes
Whirling, twirling snowflakes
Here and there, everywhere
Credit: BellaOnline & Storytime Katie 

Action Song: “Winter Hokey Pokey”
You put your mitten in, you take your mitten out
You put your boots in, you take your boots out
You put your hat in, you put your hat out
You put your coat in, you put your coat out
Credit: Step by Step – Winter Theme & Storytime Katie

**Go Outside and enjoy the snow -- sled, ski, make snow angels, paint the snow using a spray bottle with watercolors!

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