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Shoes Theme (Updated)


Shoes Theme 

Talk about shoes.  Types and Uses. What can you do in shoes?

READ: Books-

 My shoes take me where I want to go Marianne Richmond
·Red lace, yellow lace: learn to tie your shoe! By Mark

·Hello, shoes! By Joan Bloas
One Hundred Shoes By Charles Ghinga
·Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes By James Dean
Whose shoes? : a shoe for every job: By Steven Swinburne
Pete The Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes By James Dean 
Birdie's Big Girl Shoes By Sujean Rim
Shoes By Elizabeth Winthrop
Alligator Shoes By Arthur Dorros 
Shoes By Debbie Bailey
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes By Ann Morris
Shoe La-la By Karen Beaumont
My Favorite Shoes: a touch and feel shoe-stavaganza By Julie Merberg 
Shoe Dog By Megan McDonald
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe By Jane Caberea 
Elephant and Piggie like reading: It's Shoe Time By Bryan Collier 
One, Two, That's My Shoe By Alison Murray 

** Some of my book titles were researched by my good friend Elizabeth Rheaume Thank You


Magic Shoes…
If I had magic shoes
Do you know what I’d do?
I’d skate all over town and then come back to you.
 If I had magic shoes
 Do you now what I’d do?
I’d walk right up the wall  and then come back to you.
If I had magic shoes
Do you know what I’d do?
I’d run around the world and then come back to you. 
Credit Nuttinbutpreschool

My Shoes (Sung to: “Skip to My Lou”)
I have blue shoes, how about you?
I have blue shoes, how about you?
I have blue shoes, how about you?
Tap your shoes like I do.”
Credit Educators spin on it
 One,Two Buckle My Shoe Rhyme printables 

 Shoes Song…
( “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
Some shoes buckle. Some shoes clip. 
Some shoes zip and zap they rip.
Some shoes Velcro. Some shoes tie.
Some shoes hurt and some won’t stay tied.
Some shoes seem like all the rest.
But my new shoesare sure the best!
 credit nuttinbutpreschool

Shoe Pattern…
Line up by the kind of shoes they have–Velcro, tie, etc.  to make a pattern.
 credit nuttinbutpreschool

 All Kinds of Shoes…
There are all kinds of shoes, for all kinds of feet.
To wear at home  Or out on the street.
There are boots for splashing,
And sneakers for dashing.
There are slippers for napping,
And tap shoes for tapping,
There are cowboy boots for riding,
And ice skates for gliding.
But the best shoes of all ,
Are the ones that fit you.
While you’re doing the thing,
You like to do.
*This one makes a great flannelboard.
Credit nuttinbutpreschool

I Like Shoes
I like shoes, I like shoes
I like shoes, I like shoes
Big ones, Little ones
Loud ones, Soft ones
Any kind will do
'Cause I like shoes
Credit Everything Preschool

My Shoes(Sung to: "Skip to My Lou")
I have two shoes, how about you,
I have two shoes, how about you,
I have two shoes, how about you,
Stomp with your shoes like I do.
Note: Two shoes can be replaced with 'Tennis shoes', 'big shoes', 'old shoes', 'new shoes' 'blue shoes', etc.)
Credit Everything Preschool 

 Audio CD:

·       Jim Gill sings moving rhymes for modern times CD – Crazy Shoes Theme

 old woman who lives in a shoe coloring
Shoe Matching Pairs Worksheet 
Pete the cat storycraft 
Shoe Lacing Template
Pete the Cat Tot Pack Printables  
Shoe Unit Study Activities 
Printable color memory shoe matching game  
5 activities based on pete the cat: I love my white shoes 
Converse all star template

Shoe String Painting…
Have the children use shoe strings to paint picture.


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