Friday, June 29, 2018

Parades Theme

Parades Theme

READ: Books
Christmas Parade By Sandra Boynton 
Pippa at the Parade By Karen Roosa
Clifford and the Big Parade By Norman Bridwell
Parade By Donald Crews 
Hooray for Hat By Brian Won 
Baby Parade By Rebecca O'Connell 
A Parade of Animals By Roger Priddy
A Parade of Elephants By Kevin Henkes (Coming Sept 2018)
Olivia Leads a Parade By Kama Einhorn
Curious George at the Parade By H.A. Rey 
Curious George Parade Day By H.A. Rey 
A Parade of Puppies By Charles Ghigna  

The Great Doughnut Parade By Rebecca Bond
Eloise and the Big Parade By Kay Thompson
Milly and the Macy's Parade By Shana Corey (ages 5 and up)
The Best Bug Parade By Stuart J Murphy 
Biscuit and the Big Parade By Alyssa Satin Capucilli 
Parade Colors By  Barbara Barbieri McGarth


 ABC Song -- sing will parading around the room!

Tempo Marches On By Jim Gill CD - Called Jim Gill Sings Do Re Mi CD (green cover)

Toe, Leg, Knee Song By Jim Gill (Same CD (Green Cover) Sings Do Re Mi CD

We Are the Dinosaurs Song By  Laurie Berkner CD 

Debbie Clements Marching Band Song



Make a simple windpipe instrument with straws

Gather together your kids- have them pick put stuffed animals and go on an animal parade. Paint faces or make simple animal costumes too.

Have a Halloween Costume Parade or Dress like your Favorite Book Character Parade

Practice lining up with instruments and play a simple song together and then go on a marching parade in your school hallway, neighborhood, or as part of storytime at the library.

Musical Marching Band-Scholastic

Everyone loves a Parade in a box 

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