Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Shadows & Light

Shadows & Light Theme

READ Books:

Groundhog's Runaway Shadow By David Biedrzycki
 Moon Bear's Shadow By Frank Asch
My Shadow By Robert Louis Stevenson
Groundhog's Day Off  By Robb Pearlman
Day Light, Night Light  By Frank Bronley
Who's Shadow is This? By 
Shadow Night By Kay Chorao
Gregory's Shadow By Don Freeman
Whose Shadow Is This? By Claire Berge

The Game Of Shadows By Herve Tullet
Nothing sticks Like A Shadow By Lynn Munsinger
What Makes a Shadow By Clyde Bulla
Me and My Shadow By Arthur Dorris
I Love My Shadow By Hans Willhelm

Shadows and Reflections by Tana Hoban
The House in the Night By Susan Marie Swanson
FlashLight By Lizi Boyd
Hortense and the Shadow By Natalia and Lauren O'Hara (grades 1-3) SONGS/ RHYMES:

See My Shadow
(Sung To: "Ferec Jacques"): See my shadow, see my shadow
Move this way, move that way.
See it do what I do, see it do what I do,
It follows me, it follows me.
Credit Everything Preschool

Explore with a flash light - make shadow puppets on the wall
Read books in a tent with a flashlight STEM Unit Preschool Massachusetts Education Link
DIY Shadow Puppets Idea
Animal Shadow Match Cards FREE Printable 

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