Friday, May 25, 2018

Seeds Theme

Seeds Theme:

Teaching Concepts with Seeds: 
Here are some thoughts --Sizes, shapes, colors, of seeds along with these ideas too.

  • What foods come from seeds
  • What seeds look like and how they compare to

  • Seeds we eat and seeds we don’t eat
  • What happens when you put different seeds in water
  • How long it takes different seeds to sprout
  • What different seeds look like as plants
READ: Books

The Watermelon Seed By Greg Pizzoli
The Carrot Seed By By Ruth Krauss 
Summer Supper By Rubin Pfeffer

Anywhere Farm By Phyllis Root
The Tiny Seed By Eric Carle
Plant The Tiny Seed By Christie Matheson
Little Seeds By Charles Ghigna
 The Surprise Garden By Zoe Hall
Rooting for You: A Moving Up Story By Susan Hood
Seeds, Seeds, Seeds By Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Wonder Bear By Tao Nyeu
The Bad Seed By Jory John
The Small Seed By Judith Nicholls
What Will Grow? By  Jennifer Ward
So Happy! By Kevin Henkes 
A Handful of Seeds By Monica Hughes
Plant a Little Seed By Bonnie Christensen
The Dandelion Seed By Joseph Anthony (ages 4-10)
Sophie's Squash Goes to School By Pat Zietlow Miller
If You Hold a Seed By Elly Mackay
Miss Maple's Seeds By Eliza Wheeler
How to Grow Seeds By Helene Jordan
One Bean By Anne Rockwell
Jack's Garden By Henry Cole


Planting Time 
Sung to: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"
Credit Preschool Education

Dig, dig, dig the earth
(make digging motion)
Then you plant your seeds
(pretend to drop seeds)
A gentle rain
(Flutter fingers down)
And bright sunshine
(Circle arms above head)
Will help your flowers grow
(Hold one arm parallel to ground and move other arm up behind it with
fingers extended to represent a flower growing)

  I'll Plant A Little Seed 
Sung to: "I'm A Little Teapot"
Credit Preschool Education

I'll plant a little seed in the dark, dark ground.
Out comes the yellow sun, big and round.
Down comes the cool rain, soft and slow.
Up comes the little seed, grow, grow, grow!

The Seed Cycle

Sung to: " Farmer in the Dell"

Credit Preschool Education

The farmer sows his seeds.
The farmer sows his seeds.
Hi Ho the dairy-o,
The farmer sows his seeds.

other verses:
The rain begins to fall...
The sun begins to shine...
The seeds begin to grow..
The plants grow big and tall...
The farmer cuts his corn...
And now the harvest is on


Holding Seeds Art

Materials Needed: paper, crayon, scissors, tissue paper or seeds, glue
The children trace their hands and cut out.
They then glue rolled up pieces of tissue paper or actual seeds into their "hands". This is a follow up to The Tiny Seed story. Credit Preschool Plan It

Seed Mosaic
Materials Needed: Clear contact paper, marker, seeds
Draw flowers on the clear contact. Let the children draw their own flowers!
Remove the backing. Children they use seeds to decorate the flowers.
Extension: Let the children create their own art work by placing the seeds where they want for a very creative design! They can place them on the contact paper or glue them onto paper!Credit Preschool Plan it

Make a seed letter craft- use different seeds choose a letter and glue seeds down to it.

Counting and sorting activity using all different types of seeds- sort by size, shape , color, and count them in groups 1-5, 1-10 etc.

Sprout a bean seed using a wet paper towel and a ziplock baggie and a bean seed.

Get the small biodegradable single pot from a garden store or sometimes can be found at the dollar store and potting soil and flower or veggie seeds and plant them in. let them sprout and then plant in a bigger pot or in the ground.  

Talk about the seeds that come inside fruit and try fruit that has seeds, kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, papaya, grapes, apples.  

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