Thursday, May 10, 2018

Moms and Mother's Day

Moms and Mother's Day


TALK:  I chose moms because they are an important person in their life everyday. 
You can ask if they know what letter the word mom starts with? 
Also Sunday May 13 is Mother's Day!

READ: Books
I Love My Mommy By Giles Andreae
The mommy book By Todd Parr
Mommy Mine By Tim Warnes
My Mom By Anthony Browne
Mommy, Where are you? Leonid Gore
What moms can’t do By Douglas Wood
Mommy do you love me By Jeanne Willis
I Love My Mommy Becuase... By Laurel Porter Gaylord
Mommy Hugs By Karen Katz 
Clifford's Happy Mother's Day By Norman Bridwell
The Night Before Mother's Day By Natasha Wing
Me and My Mom By Alison Ritchie
How To Raise A Mom By Jean Reagan
What mommies do best By Laura Numeroff
We’re making breakfast for mother By Shirley Neitzel 
Are You My Mother? By P.D. Eastman
Pete The Cat: Rock on Mom and Dad By James Dean 
Just Shopping with Mom By Mercer Mayer 
Celebrating Mother's Day By Sandi Hill

Mama’s Kiss By Jane Yolen
I Love My Mama By Pete Kavanagh
My Mommy Hung the Moon: A Love Story by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell
Mommy’s Hands by Kathryn Lasky and Jane Kamine
Because Your Mommy Loves You by Andrew Clements
Just Like Mama by Leslea Newman
Mama's Kisses By Kate McMullan 
Hats off to You By Karen Beaumont (surprise mother's day tea)


I Love My Mommy
(Sung to: Fere Jacques)
I love my mommy, I love my mommy, (hands on heart)
Yes, I do, yes, I do (shake finger)
Mommies are for hugging, (Hug self)
Mommies are for kissing (blow kiss)
I love you, yes I do (point)

(Sung To: B-I-N-G-O) 
I love her and she love me
And mommy is her name - O
M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y
And Mommy is her name-O

"Mommy Is the One I Love"
(To the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb") 

Mommy is the one I love, one I love, one I love.
Mommy is the one I love and
She loves great big hugs!

I Love Mother
I Love Mother Childrens Song

Mother’s Day Song…
Tune You are My Sunshine
I love you mommy
My dearest mommy

You make me happy
When I am sad
I want to tell you
I really love you!
When I’m with you I am so glad! Credit Nuttin But Preschool

Five Pretty Mommies…
Tune of Five Little Ducks
Five pretty mommies I once knew,
Fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones, too,
But the one in the middle that belongs to me…
I love her and she loves me!
Down to the grocery we did go,
Wibble – wobble, wibble – wobble, to and fro,
But the one in the middle that belongs to me,
I love her and she loves me! Credit: Nuttin But Preschool

My Special Friend… (Bingo) I have a very special friend And Mommy is her name-o. M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, And Mommy is her name-o
 Credit Nuttin But Preschool


Printable Flower Pot Poem FREE 

Mother and Baby Animal Matching Game Printable

Butterfly Picture  
Materials Needed: Finger paint paper; finger paint. This is a cute mothers day activities theme idea!
Have the children dip their hands in finger paint and then press their hands side by side (with both thumbs next to each other) and press down. Remove paper to dry...let them continue free style finger painting!
When their hand prints are dry, add this poem to the picture: (Adapted from a poem written by Elaine Magud)
This isn't just a butterfly
As you can plainly see.
I made it with my hands
Which are a part of me.
It comes with lots of love
Especially to say
I hope you have a very, very
Happy Mother's Day
Credit Preschool Plan It 

Mother's Day printables

Fingerprint Bee Mother's Day Card
Mothers Day Bouquet
Materials: Coffee Filters, markers, eye droppers, water, pipe cleaners
The children color filters (several of them) and then drop water on them. This makes the colors spread...they look great!
Fold the filters in thirds or fourths to make a flower shape. Pinch bottom and secure with a piece of pipe cleaner which also acts as the stem.
The children will LOVE making this bouquet! Credit Preschool Plan It

Where Is My Joey Kangaroo Matching Game

Mother's Day Crafts From Red Ted Art

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