Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Grumpy Theme

Grumpy Theme

Talk: Do you ever have a day when you wake up feeling grumpy! Well, then these books will surely make you change your mood or at least help you know your not alone!

The Grumpy Morning By Pamela Duncan Edwards
Grumpy Bird By Jeremy Tankard
Hooray For Hat By Brian Won
I'm Grumpy By Jennifer L. Holm
Grumpy Cat By Britta  Teckentrup
Crankee Doodle By Tom Angleberger
A Very Grumpy Day By Stella J Jones
Grumpy Groundhog By Maureen Wright
The Grumpy Dump Truck By Brie Spangler
Lily and Bear Grumpy Feet By Lisa Stubbs
Mr. Grumpy By Roger Hargreaves
What are you so grumpy about? By Tom Lichtenheld
 The Pout, Pout Fish By Deborah Diesen

Crankenstein By Samatha Berger 
 Pete the Cat and his magic sunglasses By James Dean
Mean Soup By Betsy Everitt


 #6 Your face will surely show it song from Orange- Jim Gill Makes it Noisy in Boise, Idaho CD

 If you're grumpy and you know it, make a frown. If you're grumpy and you know it, make a frown. If you're grumpy and you know it and you really want to show it, if you're grumpy and you know it, make a frown.
Continue with: Fold your arms Look away Stomp your feet Say 'NO WAY'
Credit: Library

“Can’t Wait to Celebrate” from Jim Gill’s Irrational Anthem by Jim Gill

 Old Mcdonald Felt So Glad Felt Board Idea- Credit Jen in the

(to tune of “Old MacDonald had a farm”)
Old MacDonald felt so glad
And when he’s glad he sounds like this:
With a HA-HA here and a HA-HA there
Here a HA, there a HA everywhere a HA-HA
Old MacDonald felt so glad.

Repeat this, substituting the following emotions and sounds:
Grumpy = NO NO NO NO NO
Sad = Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
Silly = Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah

“Shake My Sillies Out” from More Singable Songs for the Very Young by Raffi


Art project about Grumpy Cat 
Grumpy bird craft 
Emotions Bird Puppet


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