Sunday, October 4, 2020

Families Storytime: Online Storytime Face Book Live During COVID-19

 Families Storytime 

Online Storytime Face Book Live During COVID-19 


Families, Families, Families By Suzanne and Max Lang (2015)

The Bear In My Family By Maya Tatusukawa (2020)

Little Elliot, Big Family By Mike Curato (2015)


Fingerplay: “My Family”
This is mama, kind and dear. (point to thumb)
This is papa, standing near. (point to pointer finger)
This is brother, see how tall! (point to middle finger)
This is sister, not so tall. (point to ring finger)
This is baby, sweet and small. (point to pinky finger)
This is the family, one and all! (wiggle all fingers)
Kididdles & Storytime Katie 

Song-“I Love Mommy” (or Daddy, Brother, Sister, Etc.) I Changed the word to Family
(tune: Frere Jacques)
I love Mommy, I love Mommy.
Yes I do; yes I do.
And my mommy loves me,
Yes, my mommy loves me,
Loves me too; loves me too.

 Credit adapted by by storybook stephanie 

Families Rhyme 
Some families are large. (spread arms out wide)
Some families are small (bring arms close together)
But I love my family (cross arms over chest) best of all!


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