Monday, May 10, 2021

Fractured Fairytales Summer Reading 2020 COVID 19 Facebook Live

The year of 2020 has been quite the year ! With the Pandemic of COVID-19 happening in March it changed Summer Reading plans and rocked our Library World!

In Planning for  2020 Summer Reading we decided to move our story time online to Facebook Live!
Here are some of the many Fairytale Books I have planned into my summer storytimes this past summer!

Fractured Fairytales:

Books I paired together for Storytimes:

1. Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion By Alex T Smith (2016)

2.  The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book
by Thierry Robberecht (2017)

3. Little Red Rhyming Hood By Sue Fliess (2019)

1. Help Wanted Must Love Books By Janet Sumner Johnson (2020)
2. Interrupting Chicken By David Ezra Stein (2016)

1. The Princess and The Petri Dish By Sue Fliess (2020)

2. Mary Had a Little Lab By Sue Fliess (2018)


Hi, Hello and How Are Song 

(Tune of London Bridges)

Hi, Hello and How Are You 

How Are You 

How Are You 

Hi, Hello and How are You 

How are You Today! 

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes 

Come Along and Sing With Us (Tune of Here We Go Around The Mulberry Bush)

Come Along and Sing With us, Sing with us,

Sing With us

Come along and sing with us 

So early in the evening (but you could also use morning like in the original song) My current COVID storytimes are in the evening at 7pm. 

additional verses: Clap, Stomp, Read (put hands together and Open and close hands like a storybook)

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