Thursday, April 19, 2018

Buses ( All Things That Go Series) (Updated)

Buses Theme ( All Things That Go Series)
Show your kids pictures of different buses. Talk about what they are used for with them? Talk about a memory of you being on a bus? Talk about how they may ride one to get around town or even to be taken to school on one! 

READ: Books

My Bus By Bryon Barton
Pete The Cat : Wheels on the Bus By James Dean
Don't  Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus By Mo Willems
The Bus Stop By Janet Morgan Stoeke
Bus!Stop! By James Yang
The Little School Bus By Margery Cuyler
I'm Smart By Kate & Jim McMullan 
Babies on the Bus By Karen Katz
The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk By Kabir & Surishtha Sehgal 
Maisy Drives The Bus By Lucy Cousins
Seals on the Bus By Lenny Hort
The Bus for Us By Suzanne Bloom
The Bus for Us By Michael Rosen 
The Wheels on the Bus By Annie Kubler 
School Bus By Donald Crews
Wheels On The Bus By Jane Cabrera (Jungle)
Red Truck, Yellow Bus By (Rookie Reader)
The Magic School Bus Series (books) By Joanna Cole (K-3)


 Song:   Wheels on the Bus.

The wheels on the bus go round and round,
Round and round, round and round,
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
All through the town.
Other possible verses:
The people on the bus go up and down.
The babies on the bus go “wah, wah, wah.”
The mommies on the bus go “I love you!”
The money on the bus goes click, click, click.
The doors on the bus go open and shut.
The driver on the bus says “Move on back!”
The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish.
And you can always make up silly verses like:
The lions on the bus go “roar, roar, roar!”
The birdies on the bus go “tweet, tweet, tweet.”
 Credit Childhood and Preschool Curriculum


Craft:  Egg Carton Buses. Cut the lid of a 12-count paper egg carton into four pieces so each piece would have covered three eggs.  Help the kiddos glue two of them together to make a bus.  Let them glue 2-4 toilet paper rolls together to make the wheels and then glue the wheels onto the bus.  Let them paint their buses.  Credit Preschool Curriculum

Back To School Tracing and Coloring (includes a school bus)

Wheels on the Bus Printable Book (Color) FREE 

School Bus Name Activity  

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