Thursday, December 7, 2017

Reindeer Theme

Reindeer Theme 

Show Pictures of Reindeer and ask if they have ever seen one? What color are they? What is there important job at Christmas?

READ: Books

The Littlest Reindeer By Brandi Dougherty
The Wild Christmas Reindeer By Jan Brett
The Little Reindeer By Nicola Killen
Olive, The Other Reindeer By Vivian Walsh
The Great Reindeer Rebellion By Lisa Trumbauer 
The Itsy Bitsy Reindeer By Jeffrey Burton 
Imogene's Antlers By David Small
Goodnight Reindeer By Denise Brennan-Nelson
This Little Reindeer By Aly Fronis 
The Little Reindeer Who Lost His Presents By Jedda Robaard
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer By Robert L May


Reindeer Coverall Printable 
Reindeer Literacy and snack Idea
Reindeer food writing tray
Roll and color printables December Theme
Reindeer Color Match Clothespin Printables
 Reindeer Coloring sheet Sleigh with reindeer

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