Thursday, July 27, 2017

Collecting Things UPDATED

Collecting Things 

TALK: Collecting things can be fun and interesting whether its rocks, leaves, dolls, dinosaurs, books, teddy bears or a mix of objects like stamps or coins. Collections are fun to talk about and show our friends and teach them about things we love!

READ: Books

Hector The Collector By Emily Beeny

Rhoda's Rock Hunt  By Molly Beth Griffin

Hannah's Collections By Marthe Jocelyn 

Rocket's 100th Day of School By Tad Hills 
Show and Tell By Mercer Mayer 

The Two Mutch Sisters By Carol Brendler

Non-Fiction Books: 

Lots and Lots of Coins By Margarette Reid
 Let's Go Rock Collecting By Roma Gans


# 2 Can’t wait to Celebrate –Blue Jim Gill (irrational anthem disc)-

  • clap our hands,
  • stamp feet,
  • wave hello,
  • bounce up and down,
  • clap hands along with the song

Egg shakers or rhythm sticks with ABC song and Itsy Bitsy Spider

# 5 Toe, Leg Knee Song -Green Jim Gill CD

Dr. Jean Silly Songs Cd # 3 Cool Bear Hunt Song

#2 Hands are clapping Yellow Jim Gill CD ( Hands are clapping, toes are tapping, fingers are snaping/wiggling, knees are for slapping, teeth are brushing, hands are for clapping

#8 Silly Dance Contest Jim Gill Yellow CD use with colorful scarves

 # 6 Jim Gill Orange CD – Your Face will surely show it

#10 LAURIE BERKNER BLUE CD--I Really Love To Dance Laurie Berkner CD- use Scarves with it

Have a show and tell day where the kids bring in one or two examples of things they collect to share with other kids about it. 

Make sure to have kids watching in the group ask questions about their special show and tell item to the group before the child who brought the item/object reveal what it is?-- Is is hard or soft?, Is it big or small?  Does it have arms or legs? Is it a person or an animal? What is your favorite thing about it?
grab out a collection of items- craft supplies like paper scraps, buttons, craft sticks, wiggle eyes etc or things from nature - leaves, pine needles, pinecones etc and make a collage out of them using glue on paper. 

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