Thursday, July 13, 2017

Beach Theme

Beach Theme


Ask if anyone has visited the beach yet this summer? What do you need to go to the beach?
We are going to share books all about the beach today!

Start by singing if your happy and you know it 

READ: Books
Beach Day By Patricia Lakin
To The Beach! By Linda Ashman
All You Need For A Beach By Alice Schertle
Spot Goes To The BEach By Eric Hill 
Curious George Goes to the Beach By H.A. Rey
How Will We get to the Beach By Brigitte Luciani
Beach Babble By Kimberley Knutson
Six Sandy Sheep By Judith Ross Enderle
Sand Castle By Thea Kilros
Wave By Suzy Lee
Beach Day By Karen Roosa
Duck and Goose Go To The Beach By Tad Hill
Sun, Sun By Brady Gray
Just Grandma and Me By Mercer Mayer
Biscuit's First Beach Day By Alyssa Satin Capucilli
Beach Day (Max and Ruby) By Penguin Young Readers
Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach By James Dean 
Sea, Sand Me! By Patricia Hubbell
At The Beach By Anne Rockwell 
Uh-Oh By Shutta Crum
 A Lullaby of Summer Things By Natalie Ziarnik


Beach Ball Fun

Bouncy, Bouncy

(Sung to “The Farmer in the Dell”)

I have a great big ball,

A bouncy, bouncy ball,

Great, big, bouncy ball,

My bouncy, bouncy ball

My ball is big and round.

And it rolls on the ground.

Big, round, rolls on the ground,

My bouncy, bouncy ball.

#11 Baby Fish – Dr Jean Feldman CD-Silly Songs

Baby fish- open and close one hand like a fish mouth

Mama Fish- two hands together open and close like a fish mouth

Daddy Fish – two hands together open and close a little wider apart like fish mouth

Giant whale – put hands together like a fish and swim back and forth with hands wide 

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes 

Finger Rhymes:

Sing with us (Here we go round Mulberry Bush)

Come along and sing with us

Sing with us, sing with us

Come along and sing with us

So early in the morning (tap together the rhythm sticks)

Continue with….

…clap with us (clap hands)

…stomp with us (stomp feet)

….tap with us (rhythm sticks)

….read with us (use hands together like open book)

 Use a beach coloring sheet and spread glue on the lines then turn picture over into a tray of colorful sand. 

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